Thursday, April 1, 2010

Checking In

Still here in the Denver area. The weather here is really interesting - exciting if you will. We had snow last week and the other day Denver broke a 131 year record with 82 degrees. Today is clear with lots of wind and we are expecting a little rain. Where I live you don't pay much attention to the weather as you know pretty much what to expect on any given day. Here not so much. You need to check the forecast before venturing out very far. At least I do - inexperienced as I am.

We took a jaunt up to Wyoming the other day just to say we did. It was amazing to realize that we were traveling on the great American plains that we heard so much about in history class. It's sad to a degree, however. The drive is so historic, but covered with Applebees, Best Buy, WalMart, Subway shops. Sacrilegious in my opinion. It looks not unlike where I live. In fact, you can drive across this country and after a while you can't tell the difference from one state to another.

We did see one thing that set our hearts racing. A herd of buffalo! They were so magnificent I couldn't believe my eyes. Something I had read about all my life and there they were. Sadly, there were no places to pull off the freeway to take pictures.

On our next trip out here we hope to go further north into Wyoming and some of the other bordering states and see if we can get away from so much civilization and see the true spirit of these great states.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter. Maggie sends her love!!


Nicole said...

Wyoming is the least populated state I think. Or, maybe it has the fewest people per square mile? Is that the same thing? Anyway, I enjoyed travelling through that state as well. I even got a speeding ticket there and when I had to pull over in front of a tatoo parlor, my sister got out of the car and took my picture. Then the cop made her get back in the car!

Anonymous said...

I live in NW Wyoming and welcome you to our beautiful state!! We moved here from S Fla when we retired and there is no other place on Earth like it!! Yellowstone and the Tetons are within an hour's drive and the mountains are spectacular! Buffalo? Lots of those, too! A "buffalo jam" is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime! Enjoy your visit to the Rockies! Jan

Thimbleanna said...

How fun that you got to see the Buffalo! I love that part of the country, although it's a tough place to be in winter. How lucky you are to see it as it wakes up to spring!

Lydia said...

Driving from Wyoming to Colorado is where I saw my first prarie dog. Hope you get to enjoy the antelope!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Happy Easter to you and yours.