Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday's Adventure

Today I drove by myself from son's house near Denver to Colorado Springs. What a gorgeous drive! It's only about an hour down I-25 and passes by Castle Rock, Colorado and the United States Air Force Academy. The Rocky Mountains are all along to the right of the freeway and Pike's Peak looms over the town from a distance. Magnificent. There was a turn-out where I could have stopped and taken a picture had I been thinking straight. I will on our way home, though.

My main reason for going down was to visit Ruth's Stitchery. It's a fabulous quilt/stitchery/sewing machine store. They were featured in the 2006 edition of Quilt Sample and still maintain the great atmosphere that got it there. I walked in and didn't know where to look first! Lots of fabric and patterns for us quilters and lots and lots of stitchery for you stitchers out there. When I finished I went down the road to the American Classics Market Place, the largest antique store in Colorado Springs. Wow is all I can say. I could have spent all day there.

On the way home I stopped at The Cracker Barrel for lunch. We don't have them in California so this was my third visit on this vacation. I always get the chicken and dumplins' which remind me so much of my childhood and the way Mom fixed them for Dad. Their macaroni and cheese will make you weep! I'm not saying, but there is truth to the "vacation butt" rumor!

Tomorrow we're off to visit Estes Park, weather permitting. The guys are dropping me off in the quaint little town to shop the quilt, antique and gift shops while they site see. Sorry, but I have seen trees and rocks before! Tee Hee! This evening will be spent relaxing, watching movies and eating Cracker Barrel leftovers!

Have a Glorious and Happy Easter!


Thimbleanna said...

No Cracker Barrel in CA??? Oh My! Must be all those healthy eaters out there -- boring LOL. Come and visit me and I'll take you to CB every day -- there's one just across the street from where I work!

Unknown said...

Truly a beautiful drive! It sounds like you have everything all well planned out too. Cracker Barrel, quaint shop, what could be better! Enjoy and Happy Easter!

ChaChaneen said...

CRACKER BARREL! I am sooo jealous! I have never been but I continue to hear that it's just the best home cooking ev-ah! You lucky gal! Do they sell Huckleberry Jam up over there?

fiberdoodles said...

I ALWAYS order the chicken and dumplin's ~ my favorite too. Enjoy your trip and travel safe!