Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flowers In The Garden

I'm back. I don't know how many posts I'll have this summer. Wow, watching two little boys full time is not easy!!!! I thought, however, that you would like to see a little of how my garden is doing this summer. Luckily, it's been a rather mild summer. We haven't had days and days of over 100 degrees which really does a number on all my plants.

A sweet little pink rose. Very dainty and fragrant.

Is this the cutest little bird house? I wonder what little birdie would like to take up residence in it?

An all time favorite of mine, Gerbera Daisy, also know as a Transvaal Daisy.

I finally have a hollyhock!!!!! Yea!!!!!!! I love them so much. I sewed seeds a year or two ago and nothing happened. Finally this year I have one. One. Just one. But it's white and an old fashion single which makes me extremely happy. I'm sewing some more seeds this year courtesy of a good blog friend so hopefully in a year or two I'll have more.

Stay cool out there!


Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful flowers Miss Jean! I just planted my first hollyhock seeds last year and this year I have a big bud -- hopefully it will turn into a gorgeous flower in a few weeks -- I've been patiently waiting. LOVE your gerbera daisy!!!!

ChaChaneen said...

Oh how pretty your yard is! I just lurve it when you post pictures of it cause I don't have an emerald thumb and I enjoy looking at yours. And your right, that daisy pretty and HUGE!

Anne Sutton said...

Oh I am so jealous of the Hollyhock! I have always wanted those! Gerbers are right up on top for me too!! You need to move closer to me so you can help me with my garden!

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

That rose looks so perfect, but I love holly hocks. I have been telling Gary that he should plant some - he wants to wait until we get the yard situated and quit having big trucks running over it - and that makes perfect sense to me, but I still want to see holly hocks growing in the fence corners.

Anonymous said...

Jean- always love seeing your garden! Wish we could sit there and have a cup of tea (well maybe Ice tea today!) and chat!!

I love Gerbera daisies! Yours is such a pretty color! They had them on clearance at Walmart for $1.75 and I picked up the one pink one they had. In NM they would winter over but not so sure here in Co- may have to bring it in.

Thank you for voting for my arbor for the DIY club Challenge!!! So excited to have been one of the 10 finalists!!

Give Maggie a pet on the head for me!

bee blessed

Sinta Renee said...

I love your Hollyhock! and your gerberas too. I just got my first bloom on the glads that I planted!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

lucky you having that hollyhock bloom! that is something i have wanted to grow, too.

your garden is just so pretty! do more posts on it! we all want to see...but then, i have been there in person and it is AMAZING!!!!


ps: had fun today!!!