Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been putting off making an announcement because I'm basically a private person. I know that sounds strange. I write a blog and tell things to readers all over the country, if not the world. However, I shy away from personal stuff when I write. I also shy away from personal stuff in my day to day life as well. Just a little idiosyncrasy of mine. I like to think of it as an endearing quality! LOL!

Well, the time has come to make an announcement. We are moving. Next month. To Colorado!!!

"Big Whoopie Do" you say? I've lived in California since I moved here in the eighth grade many years ago. No, my family didn't come out here in a covered wagon!! My parents bought an Archway cookie truck, piled our stuff in it and off we came from Michigan 50 years ago. I've lived in the same house here in Escalon for nearly 25 years. I like things the same. I don't even like to rearrange furniture and once I set up knick-knacks and decorations around the house, there they stay.

So moving 1,300 miles away is a "Big Whoopie Do"!!! I'm excited, scared, apprehensive, worried, happy, nervous and a million other emotions that change from one minute to another. Mostly I'm tired right now. Packing!!!! What a nightmare. We are having movers move us but we are doing the packing ourselves. I now live in a cardboard jungle of boxes, tape and bubble wrap. I swear I can get a job working for a moving company packing when this is over. I've gotten really good at this!!!!

It will be sad to move away from the familiar places we take for granted. There are restaurants I've eaten at for 50 years here! There are still areas left to be explored and discovered. However, we have grown to love Colorado and it has felt increasingly more like home every time we visit.

I am hoping that eventually the rest of the family will move out there to be near us. In the meantime, I'll be making lots of trips back to visit my daughter and the grandsons. That's been the one difficult part of this decision so please keep me in your prayers on that account.

The one saving grace that I hold onto is that although I will be leaving family and friends, I will still have all of my blog friends no matter where I go. I hope you all know how much that means to me.

Posting will be rather sporadic while we make this transition. I still have lots of work to do here and once we get to Colorado, I'll have lots to do there as well but I'll be checking in as often as I can and will still be checking your blogs as well.

I value your friendships and I covet your prayers!

Wagons Ho!!!!!


Jen said...

Miss Jean - So excited for your big move! And so sad to see you go! I miss our random running-into-each-others all over the valley! Let me know if you need any help with packing... or dinner... or anything! Gonna miss you! :)

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

Lucky you - I've always wanted to live in Colorado among those beautiful mountains. Being a flat land Minnesotan I love those high peaks.
First thing on your agenda after unpacking the necessaries - find the quilt shop because you know there are always caring friendly people hanging around there.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Miss Jean -- what a big move! Good Luck -- I hope it's all wonderful. I wish I were there to help you pack (or unpack!).

Mumzie said...

OH MY GOSH! How wonderful for you guys. Hopefully, we'll get to see you before you leave. I'm still unpacking boxes from two months ago, and I only moved 1 1/2 miles away. Mumzie

Brenda said...

Oh my, I feel your pain. I lived in the same house for close to 30 years when we bought the one we live in now. Raised all my girls there. And packing up a house of that many years. Oh I know how tired you are. I packed boxes for my grown daughter also. They had to come and pick up what they wanted the rest went to goodwill...Well most of it. When I looked through some of it again there were some things I just kept thinking they may want one day. Many blessing on your move from Michigan where of coarse you started.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How exciting!!! I just moved too!!!Good luck with your packing and your move. Look forward to you posting about it when you are settled.

Anonymous said...

You know I am looking forward to your move as you will be closer! Just let us know how we can help!

Have a beautiful Resurrection day!

bee blessed