Friday, April 20, 2012

Tutorial Help-Ceiling Fixture

I have started keeping a recipe card file next to my computer. If I see a recipe or a quilt pattern or some other idea I want to reference, I write it on an index card and file it in the appropriate section. That way I won't forget where I saw it.

It usually works. Usually. Since the house is in turmoil from getting ready for our move and my brain is not functioning on all cylinders on a daily basis, I forgot to write something down.

A blogger did a wonderful tutorial on how to replace and hang an electrical ceiling fixture. Does anyone out there remember seeing it? I'd appreciate your help!!


*I found it - here!!!! Whew! I hate losing things. This is a great tutorial and I've made my little index card so hopefully I'll remember next time. Check it out.


Brenda said...

What a great idea! I have been pinning a lot of things on Pinterest so I do not forget where I saw them, which I do often.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Oh my goodness Miss are moving to Colorado! We haven't even had a change to have lunch (sad face)
I know you will be so happy in Colorado, its such a beautiful state, years ago Gary would travel there for a week out of every month on work business. Our girls Godmother lives in Colorado.
Like you say you still have your blog and it will be fun to see your new home and garden. I wish you much happiness.
Really big hugs, Elizabeth