Sunday, April 15, 2012

Information Highway

There is a lot going on this weekend at our house. For one thing our son is home for about three weeks. Major Woo Hoo!!!!!! As you may know he's in the Navy and we've been blessed to have him stationed state side the last few years with just a brief six months tour in Afghanistan. He's off again in May, this time to Bahrain for one or two years. Major frowny face!!!!!

He's quite the techy guy and recently upgraded to the new IPad 3. He has generously given me his IPad 2. First I said, "Wow!!!!!!" Then , "What does it do?" Turns out it does just about everything except cook your dinner. Although you can purchase a special holder that attaches to your kitchen cupboard or the front of your refrigerator so you can watch your favorite cooking shows while preparing meals. So I guess you can say it does cook your dinner!

We went to the Apple store yesterday and I felt like a fish out of water. When I was working I was a whiz at the computer and was the "go to gal" when someone needed some help and our I.T. department wasn't available. I wasn't afraid to try anything. Since I've retired I've concentrated more on the "finer" things in life like gardening, quilting, reading and afternoon naps. I'm a little, or should I say a lot, rusty in the computer area. Our son told me to go in and ask questions about it. Well you can't just go in and say, "HELP!!!!!!! What does this thing do??????!!!!!!!", without making too much of a fool of yourself. So after talking to a few sales clerks who I swear were just barely old enough to be driving, we all decided I just need to go take a class. So I left with most of my dignity in tact, but feeling ancient - when did I start sounding like my mother? I'll go back in the next week or two and take a class from them and, hopefully, gain some of my confidence back. The major thing I'm going to enjoy about the IPad is that it has facetime on it. That means I can "talk" face to face with our son while he is in Bahrain. Cool!!

On another front, my cousin Sherry is visiting from Michigan. She flew into southern California to visit her best friend, Irene, and they have both traveled up north here to see the sites and visit family. We got together yesterday at my Mom's place for a bit. Today we're driving to Concord to visit our Uncle Carl. It'll be Sherry, her friend Irene, my Mom, my sister Janice, my sister Judy, my niece Jamie and myself. There's gonna be a whole lot of talking going on!! Poor Uncle Carl! He's a pretty quiet guy so I hope he's up for this!! I'll try to remember to take a breath and take pictures.

You all have a wonderful Sunday!!!!


Anonymous said...

yOU ARE GOING TO LOVE YOUR I PAD! They are the neatest little machines and so easy to use. Enjoy!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you have a busy week planned Miss Jean. I know you'll LOVE your iPad -- before you know it, you'll be an old pro!

Anonymous said...

Jean I don't know anything about those things either! I can barely use my cell phone!

Enjoy your time with your son! I have Jonathan here again- the house just might be looking great by the time you get here!

bee blessed

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