Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm keeping really busy packing. I was in a "let's purge" mood even before the move was planned so this is giving me a chance to clean out some stuff. The other day I emptied the Tuff Shed and left in it only the things my daughter is going to take and what I'll donate to the gardener. I put all my tubs of Christmas decorations and other miscellaneous "stuff" on the side deck. Today I went through it and was able to cut the number of tubs I'm taking in half. Some of the stuff I just threw out since it wasn't worth keeping. The rest is loaded in the van waiting for a trip to the thrift store.

We were informed of the items that the movers won't/can't put in the truck. No paint, garden and household chemicals, spray cans, the list goes on. Most of those items will be given to my Mom and daughter.

I had quite a few cans of spray paint. I also had some outdoor items that needed to be revitalized with a new coat of paint. So it made sense to me to spray them here and use up the paint rather than take them and have to buy more paint in Colorado. So I spray painted three little metal side tables, a vintage metal plant stand, a three tiered wicker table, a bird cage, a wicker planter, a tall metal garbage can that was my dad's, an umbrella stand, and two metal garden obelisks. I even spray painted a small vintage wicker sleigh that was in with the Christmas decorations. That's a lot of painting!!

You can't take plants in the moving vans so this little beauty, along with most of my other potted plants are going to my daughter's house to live.

My beautiful little Cherokee Red Dogwood tree will have new owners.

I'm allowing myself to take one plant This is a new variety of a dwarf Clematis. She is sooooooo pretty right now and I just can't leave her behind.

So she'll make the trip in our van. It's the only plant I have room for. I was going to take a camellia or two but they don't grow in Colorado! How sad is that? They are my favorite plants. The yard at our new place is huge and it will be fun sprucing it up. I've already found a lovely nursery to go visit and I'm planning many trips to the Denver Botanical Garden for inspiration.

I'm tired so I think I'll go have dinner and plan my day for tomorrow. I sure can't say I haven't got anything to do!!!


Jen said...

Reality sucks.... I wish you weren't going.....But I'm really happy for you!

Linda said...

I am tired imagining what you must do to move.. (lived in the same house for 46 years)..but the anticipation of a new home to fluff, a new area to enjoy and ofcourse your bloggy friends following along is downright exciting! Enjoy!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, it sounds like you've been really busy Miss Jean -- that IS a lot of painting. Good luck with all the cleaning out -- that's a BIG job!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Moving is the best time too purge! It sounds like you are keeping really busy with the painting, purging and packing.

I loved the Denver Botanical Garden. You will get a lot a inspiration there.

There is also a great bookstore in Denver called the Tattered Cover. In the Cherry Creek North district of Denver. Here is a link

Sinta Renee said...

I hate packing and moving too. I do move a lot but I don't like the packing. I never have left my area though. This sounds like a big and fun adventure for you! Colorado is beautiful!