Friday, February 1, 2008


Here I go into Blog Land. This is an exciting adventure for me. Especially considering that I didn't know about blogs untill a month or two ago. There I was, innocently surfing the web and visiting one of my favorite quilt web sites.....

What's this?
It says "Blog".
Look's innocent enough.
I think I'll click on it.
What harm can it do?

Ha! Famous last words. Well, I won't even tell you how may blogs I have bookmarked, how many hours I spend checking them all out, how many Motrin I take because I'm developing tendonitis in my right arm. But you know what? This is absolutely the greatest thing I could have done for myself. I have "met" some wonderful people. I consider some as friends because just from reading their stories they seem to be someone I would like. Others because I've emailed or left comments and they email me back and I've made a friend. I've met some who make me laugh so hard it's a pypm (pee your pants moment - yes I made that up). I've met some who have made me cry and have made me feel so ashamed because I complain about my trivial little problems while they have life altering things going on and they have such grace and dignity in the midst of it.

I've even been able to meet someone in person. It's a long story which I will tell on another posting. However, I will tell you that my new friend, Duhgall's Mommy, has been helping me set up my blog. I am eternally greatful to her for her selfless help and encouragement.

Who am I? I'm retired and live in the central valley of California with my husband. We have two children we are so very proud of and two grandson's who we adore and spoil. I absolutely love to garden, read and quilt. I love to decorate my home and am constantly looking for ideas and inspiration. I love antiques and collectibles, Scottish Terriers and having tea with friends.

What are my goals? Hmmm. Interesting question. Nothing huge like climbing a mountain, getting a degree or learning to play the piano. I want to do the things I never had time to do while I was working. Joining the local garden club, hitting all the thrift stores in town, babysitting when one of the boys is sick, taking Mom out to lunch, sitting with my husband in the middle of the afternoon and watching a movie. And or course, making new friends.

Please be patient with me while I learn how to set up my blog. I promise to get better. Thanks again, Duhgall's Mommy!

Life is good - happiness is a choice.


joanna said...

welcome to blogland... its a wonderful place. Do you feel a bit like Alice [in Wonderland that is]? That is how I felt when I first "fell" in....

Here's to many posts & much inspiration,


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh when the saints, oh when the saints, oh when the saints go marching in.....Oh how I want to be a blogger, oh when the saints go marching in....This is YOUR WELCOME song, from me to you!

Hooray! Your blog looks sweet as can be! I am so happy that it is going and wish you countless hours of smiles, laughs, giggles, PYPM (that is a good one!) and most of all meeting new and wonderful friends. I am going to do an intro for you!!!!

Duhgall sends his love to his Aunty Jean and Uncle S. Thanks again for the beautiful lunch you made for me and for treating Duhgall like a KING! He had a ball there, as did I.


Dena said...

Hi Miss Jean,

Welcome to Blogland where the inspiration is plentiful and the frienship abounds.
I found you through Becky's blog and just wanted to pop over to bid you a warm welcome.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Janet said...

Welcome to this fun and addicting new place. Please come and visit me sometime when your tendonitis is better..hehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Jean! Welcome! I love your blog! I will visit you often and I am going to add you to my list to make sure I do not loose you! I wish I lived nearby so I could visit that sewing room Becky posted about!

Maria Catalina Wiley said...

Hello Jean,
I am a regular visitor to Becky's blog & wish you a warm welcome to the blogging world. I started almost 1 year ago & thoroughly enjoy it!

Warm wishes from Maria, Down Under

Meggie said...

Greetings Miss Jean! I'm coming to you by way of Dughall's Mommy, Becky. Welcome to blogging, you look like a veteran...quite witty, you are! Isn't retirement wonderful? I retired almost three years ago from school nursing and haven't been bored one bit. Too much living to do.