Friday, May 20, 2011


One of my sisters lives less than an hour from my house in an area near the foothills that separate our valley and the bay area. There are only about 13 houses, all on one side of the street, and you have to go through the local golf course parking lot to get to the houses. It's off the beaten path with views of the valley and golf course grounds from one side of the house and grazing land from the other. I think it's just beautiful, although she does feel isolated at times. To me the only down side is the occasional rattle snake and tarantula that come wandering by. She's lucky to have cats that help with that problem!

This picture was taken just down the road from her place. As much rain as we have had this year you would think the hills would have stayed greener longer. In California the hills and fields are green in the winter and "gold" in the summer. Being a transplanted mid-westerner, I call a spade a spade - they are brown!!! Beautiful none the less, however. It's lambing season and there were lambs everywhere with mama sheep getting ready to give birth or having just given birth. I wish you could hear the baa's! It was amazing. Do you see the one little black sheep? There always seems to be at least one!!!

This is across the street from the houses on her street. Cattle graze the range land and get right up to the fence.

If I lived there I think I would sit out front and visit every time the cows came by.

They are not tame and if you start to get to close they back off.

This fella was eating the vines that are attached to the fence. When they eat the top foliage it causes the entire vine to fall down (see the vines on the right). Then the vines have to be pruned back so they can grow up the fence again.

All in all a very beautiful and interesting little spot to live! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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