Friday, May 6, 2011


I've actually got about four posts that I need to do, but they all involve lots of pictures. I don't have time to do any of them today as I have to take the little guy to the doctor. Yes, grandson #2 is still sick. Better, but still not well

I thought I'd show you a quick picture of some petunias I planted in my old wheel barrow. Take a good look because I have horrible luck with petunias for some reason. Mine will not do well even though I care for them. Then I'll go to a gas station that has a neglected pot of them and they are doing fine! Go figure. I do hope these last at least through the fourth of July

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Nicole said...

I love petunias! Your wheel barrow is wonderful. I haven't had a chance to plant much of anything this season.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty Jean!! It was a beautiful Spring day- I think Spring has finally arrived here in Colorado!!
Went to a garage sale to day and had so much fun and bought all kinds of neat things!!

bee blessed

Mumzie said...

They look wonderful in your wheel barrow! Hopefully, they will grow and grow for you. Mumzie

Michele McLaughlin said...

Your wheel barrow looks splendid! The only time my petunias don't do well is when it gets too warm. A nursery owner said they do prefer cooler weather, go figure. Best of luck with yours! They sure are lovely!
Hugs, Mickie

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How lovely! Your garden is always a treat to get to visit. Looks like you have been a busy gardener and shopper. Hope little guy is feeling much better now.

Happy Mother's Day!


Unknown said...

Those petunias sure are pretty. Hope the grandson gets completely well.

Carolyn said...

Hi Jean,
They look beautiful!

I am sending you an email with a photo of the cup info.

Take care,