Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tea Party Time!

I have had the pleasure of making friends with bloggers I have met on-line. I've also had the extreme pleasure of actually meeting some of these friends in person. This happened to me again this past week or two ago. I don't know if you are familiar with Janeen over at ChaChaneen. I've been a follower for some time and have come to know her as a wonderful, kind, talented and fun person. She loves to have tea parties at her home, something I love to do as well.

On a yearly basis her church holds a tea for their Women's Ministry. Different ladies sponsor a table and decorate it. I had heard about it and asked if I could attend this year's tea. My friend Nikki and I ventured the hour trip over to meet Janeen and go to the tea. We had the best time!!! There were eleven tables all decorated and no two were alike. They were all absolutely amazing. I didn't get very good pictures of them all so if you go to the link here you can read more about it and see the other tables. The food was amazing!

Since it was to be held on April 30th, the day after THE wedding, Janeen decided her theme would be "A Royal Tea Table." She did everything perfect right down to the beautiful pink English china.

Each of the ladies at our table got an orchid to wear. Janeen also made little gift bags filled with chocolate coins for good luck, rose buds for love and a bag of Prince of Wales tea for remembrance. Tied on the top of the bag was an official wedding engagement picture of William and Kate. How cute is that?

She had jewels sprinkled all over the table along with little frames with different pictures of the happy couple. I wonder if they realised that half a world away we were celebrating along side them?

The theme of the day was Quiet Influence taken from I Peter 3:4 "Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in." Wonderful words of wisdom.

My friend Nikki with Janeen.

Miss Jean and Janeen

We had such a wonderful time!!! From the moment we walked up to the church door and Janeen came literally running out, all excited to meet us, to the farewell, happy that we had met a new friend we felt welcomed and loved. Thanks so much Janeen!! Love ya to pieces!!

My advise to all of you out there is if you get a chance to meet a blog friend in person, DO IT!!!


Nicole said...

What a clever idea! It looks like it was so much fun.

Carolyn said...

That would have been so much fun!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

What a great time - I love meeting blogger friends - it's like seeing an old friend you haven't got to see for a while.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Janeen is such a nice person! What a lovely tea and I love the theme of the royals. Looks like a fun time.

ChaChaneen said...

Aaaah, such a lovely post Jean and thank you for your wonderful compliments! ~blushing~

It was a lovely time wasn't it? I look forward to meeting with you ladies again where we can talk more as our afternoon went too quickly for me. Hopefully Becky can meet up with us too?

And you have a picture of Nikki and I! I was bummed that I missed that with my camera.

Hope your having a great weekend!!

Lallee said...

What a beautiful table setting. You must have had a wonderful time and good fellowship.

Thank you so much, Jean, for your kind comment on our loss of Baggins. It helps as we heal--we miss him so. Hugs to sweet Maggie.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Oh how wonderful! What a special day you had! I also read Janeen's blog.
The tea looks so pretty. Glad you all enjoyed!

Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth