Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is New Necessarily Better?

I'm moving.

Far away.

This involves change.

Lots of change. 

I don't like change. 

Never had. 

So, I go to the blogger dashboard and guess what?  Change!  All new Blogger dashboard. 


You couldn't have waited until I was settled and my brains didn't feel like scrambled eggs? 



Cathy said...

You can revert to the old format if you prefer. To do it, click on the icon that looks like a gear wheel in the upper right corner of your Blogger dashboard home page. It is a drop down menu. Click on Old Blogger interface, and hey presto, back to the old format.

Jen said...

Maybe it's just a message to you that you should stay... too much change can't be good for you! Blogger changed so you don't have to! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't use the dashboard page anymore but with all the post I am seeing I am afraid to even look!

Some changes are good friend and I am praying that your location change will be an awesome blessing in your life that you couldn't even imagine!

See ya soon!

bee blessed

Miss Jean said...

Thanks, Cathy. I did it. However, I also received a message that the old blogger interface would be removed in a month. So, eventually, I don't think we have a choice.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Stopped by to say, "Hi!" Change is one of the only things in life that you can count on ... Oh, well ... Just checked in and see you are moving! Now that is a change. Please keep blogging - I plan on following your move and settling in process. Hugs sweet lady!

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