Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday......

I hope you all had a blessed Easter with your family. The weather here was absolutely spectacular!

On a down note, I did my back in on Friday and have been in bed all weekend. I was moving a flower pot and set it down and WHAM! Major pain! I have a bad back anyway. I promise I was bending my knees and doing everything I was supposed to do. It was like an electrical shock across the back. I'm going to the doctor today to make sure I didn't do something major like slip a disc or something. I was supposed to take my mom to see my Uncle Carl in Concord Friday which we had to cancel. Also, Sweety and I had reservations to taking the grandsons to Monterey for three days. I was waiting until today to see if we could still go. I'm better, but don't think I can haul luggage around or drive for three hours straight. I know they are going to be disappointed. We're going to see if we can take them somewhere for the day later in the week and maybe take in a movie.

Did you ever have something happen that made you cancel your plans? Or have you ever gotten ready to leave the house and can't find your keys? Something in the back of my head always tells me that God kept me off the road at that time for a reason. So I never get to upset when those things happen. It's like I'm being protected.

It's been difficult for Sweety and I this weekend with little Maggie (Tasmanian Devil, The Terror of Escalon, Little Miss I Want Attention All The Time) as far as housebreaking is concerned. I haven't been able to be of much help. It's something that you have to stay on top of and we haven't been able to. It'll get better. Please!!! We just have to stay focused and in tune with her little schedule. She's a hoot! She has claimed ownership of my slippers. She runs around with one in her mouth - and it's bigger than she is! You take your life into your hands if you are barefoot! "Yea, toes!!!"

This is a picture of Maggie and Finnegan napping at Becky's.

Finnegan, "When is she going to leave so I can get all the attention?"

Maggie, "I can't wait to move to Miss Jean and Sweety's house so I can be a Scotty Diva!"


Thimbleanna said...

Sorry to hear you've hurt your back Miss Jean! I hope it mends in a hurry. Those pups are awfully cute -- you tell Maggie we don't believe she's a bad girl at all LOL!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Missy Jean and Maggie! Maggie: Are you behaving? You were such a good girl at my house. Now remember, you have to be a good girl and let your mommy rest!

Jean: I can see her running away with slipper in tow! LOL! I hear ya about the feet. Doogs has a toe fetish and loves to give a little nibble once in awhile. Toe curling to say the least! I hope you are doing better. Rest that back and be good to yourself.

love ya,


CIELO said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well and hope you are up again feeling better and enjoying your lovely garden... I can't wait for weather to warm up and be able to move my pots around.. :)

Have a great day


Elizabeth said...

Hope your back gets better fast! That Maggie is about the cutest little thing I've ever seen (just don't tell Melvin I said so!)

Susie said...

Maggie is so cute! I'm sure she's a wonderful addition to your family.
So sorry to hear about your back. You're wise to rest until you're feeling stronger. Riding in the car for that long could be uncomfortable.
Isn't the weather just gorgeous lately??