Thursday, March 27, 2008

What did we do without her?

This says it all!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh Miss Jean!!! That's SO cute. And very thrilling that it's all going so well!

little acorns said...

I just had to leave a comment & let you know how fun it was to hear "Puppy Love" on your playlist! What a floodgate of memories came pouring back! How fun!

Congratulations on your new little fluffy one!

savvycityfarmer said...

We are puppy sitting this weekend for my daughter...they just get under your skin don't they?

Thanks for stopping by....of course I will send you some seeds...just remind me late summer when I harvest.

Esther Sunday said...

It has been so fun reading about you getting Maggie through your own posts and Becky's!!! (I want to move next door to you two! I would love it!) Hang in there with the puppy stuff - it sure can be exhausting! Don't be afraid to use the crate, even if you need a wee break - they like their little dens. Used one for the second puppy in our lives and it made everyone's life easier and Spanky liked it to! Love, Esther

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How is my sweetest niece? I hope she is driving ya nuts!!!! ha.
Give her little kisses and hugs - just don't drop her!

love to y'all,