Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yes, I did get a flu shot!

Yup, that's me. Sick. Sick. Sick. It started Saturday night. Could be the flu. Could be food poisoning. Who knows. I just know that I haven't been this sick since I had food poisoning 39 years ago or had a bad case of the flu about 35 years ago. Whatever it is it's bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Do I take being sick well? NO! I get a "little" cranky. Just ask Sweety.

It's been raining here really a lot, which we need. But then there is Maggie. Since I couldn't go out and wipe her off before she came back in the house from doing her "business" and she would track mud everywhere, we had her boarded at the local kennel. Don't tell her it's a kennel. She thinks it's a day spa. She loves it there. We really miss her so will go get her today.

I have to get well by Thursday. I'm taking a class all about tea with Yvonne from Mumzie's Pumpkin Patch. I should be fine by then. I hope so at least. Tea sounds wonderful right about now. I had signed up for a cooking class Monday and Wednesday and had to cancel (no refunds sadly).

I hope all of you out there stay well and healthy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Duda Daze

Last summer I did a post about Diane Duda. Check out her blog, Duda Daze. She's does wonderful and whimsical artwork. She had mentioned that she did commission work so I had her do one for me of Maggie and our other Scotty, Marjorie.

I have it hanging in my kitchen to keep Raggedy Ann and Andy company.

A few weeks ago Diane sent me an email and told me to check out the latest issue of the Artful Blogging Magazine.

The Artful Blogging is a feast for the eyes. It highlights some of the most talented bloggers out there.

This is a great article that they did about Diane.

Holy Moly, Marcaroni!! What is this!

Yea!!!! It's the picture that Diane did for me. There's Maggie!!!!! Of all the pictures that Diane has done they included Maggie's! How cool is that?

Congratulations, Diane! You deserve the spotlight!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'll be back.....

First of all, I wanted to thank all my blog friends for their continued prayers for my friend Becky. The service for her son was Friday and your prayers were felt.

I'm taking a little break but I'll be back next week. Your friendships and inspirations mean the world to me. Have a wonderful and loving Valentine's Day. Hold on tight to those that you love.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer Request

*The funeral for Jordan is Friday, February 13th at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Please be on your knees in prayer for them this week. Hold them up to the Lord as you pray in the months to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Becky is just overwhelmed with all the love and prayers that she has received from the blogging community


My heart is broken. My dear friend Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams and her family have lost their oldest son, Jordan. May the Lord Jesus Christ wrap His loving arms around them and give them comfort in this difficult time.

Please keep this wonderful family in your prayers in the days and months ahead.

Meeting New Friends

I had a great time yesterday! I was able to meet another blogger friend in person, Yvonne from Mumzie's Pumpkin Patch. I had found out a while back that we had quite a bit in common, foremost being that we both have Scottish Terriers and that we lived in the same little town! We made appointments for my Maggie and her Conner to go to the groomers and we went downtown and sat and had coffee and tea at the local little sandwich shop and talked (boy did we talk) and got to know each other. What a great gal. Thanks for the wonderful time, Yvonne! Here's to many more.

This is a picture of the dogs at the groomers. It's a kennel/grooming salon and is a very nice facility. The best part is that they truly love the dogs. Conner is older than Maggie and is a large size Scotty. Very regal and magnificent. He's also soooooooooo much calmer than Maggie.

"Hey, is she still there. She is just driving me crazy!", says Conner to Little Miss Fluffy White.

Can you see what this is? Oh, the saga of Maggie and the Sprinkler System continues! It's the top of a sprinkler valve! Maggie left it at the back door as a gift.

I will take any and all suggestions as to what to do with her penchant for sprinklers. I do buy her all kinds of chew toys and rawhide bones. She get's all kinds of love and attention but to no avail. I think I'll call the Betty Ford Clinic and see if they have room for her. It's got to be an addiction! Maybe Celebrity Rehab would like her on their show? Hmmmmmm.

I'm going off on a quilting retreat with my quilting group, The Busy Bees. There are eleven of us and this will be our eighth retreat up in the foothills near Sonora, California at the same facility. We arrive on Friday noon and leave Monday noon. We mostly quilt but we also knit, read, and watch movies. I bring up my big box of "chick flicks" and Fried Green Tomatoes and The Calendar Girls are always on the top of our list to watch. I just purchased The Secret Life of Bees so we'll for sure watch that, also. It's a great time with lots of laughter and fun. The conference grounds that owns the house we stay at delivers our meals to us -gourmet meals, mind you. Aaaahhhhhh. So for the rest of today and tomorrow I'm going to get all my gear together. When I return I'll hopefully have some great pictures and stories to tell!

See you next week!