Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I would like to wish all of my
family, near and far,
friends, near and far,
neighbors, new and old,
blog friends, whom I have met and those I have only met on the internet,
and anyone who is fortunate enough to be owned by a Scottie

The Happiest of New Years and a hope for 
Blessings and Peace 
for all of you!

You all mean so much more to me than you will ever know.  You bring love and richness and support to my life and I am grateful beyond measure.

Miss Jean

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tea Time

It's so nice after Christmas to sit back and relax and reflect on the season.   I hope you were able to have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

My friend Nikki and I love to get together for tea.  She gave me the sweet little tea mug you see and it always reminds me of her and how much I cherish our friendship.  She's so much more than a "BFF", different than a sister, a true kindred spirit.  She's always in my heart and mind.

 I love my Tea Canister.  We were fortunate to be able to go to the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island and I bought it there as a souvenir.   It's by Brandbury's Fine Bone China and I haven't seen it anywhere since to purchase any more pieces.  When we moved it was wrapped very, very carefully.

 I know you've been busy, doing so much for others these last couple of months.  Pour some tea and take a moment for yourself.   It doesn't take much time (or money) to make yourself feel special.  You deserve it!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours, may you have the most blessed and merriest Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

Jean, Sweetie, Maggie and Mollie

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things.....

I finally got back in the swing of things and went to one of my weekly sewing meetings today.  It felt really good to be out and see everyone again.  I haven't been going many places for a couple weeks as my allergies are BAD!  I was supposed to go to the allergist yesterday for testing.  You know, you should really read directions ahead of time.  I looked to see where the appointment was and noticed the instructions that told me about stopping all allergy medication a few days ahead of time.  I had to call and reschedule!  I hope they can do something for me like shots.  I take allergy meds and they make me tired.  It certainly doesn't make for a very productive day.  Get up, take pills, sit, nap, get up again, sit, take pills, go to bed, ad nauseum!

I was really surpised at  the meeting today because two of my friends had Christmas gifts for me.  I hadn't taken theirs because I thought for some strange reason that Christmas was Thursday and we had another meeting next Wednesday.  I'll have to drop theirs off at their houses.

 This darling little stuffed Scottie dog is from Darcy.  I love it!!!!  It is quite the vintage pattern, going back to at least the 30's so using 30's fabric is perfect!!!

Carol makes these darling kitchen towels and she said when she saw the Scottie fabric at Joann's she knew she had to make it for me.  I don't care if she did say it can really be used, hubby has been warned!!!!  It's Christmas fabric but I'm going to keep it up all the time.

Not much else is going on around here.  I have some baking and candy making to do.  I'm putting together a box for the couple next door.  They shovel my snow for me which is so invaluable.

Tomorrow I'm going to donate blood as I try to do every time I am eligible.  I am O negative and they love me.  There is a critical need for that blood type so I'm glad to help. O negative is a universal donor and only between 6 and 7 percent of the population has it.  It's really easy and painless to donate blood so consider doing it this holiday season, no matter what blood type you are.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Spa Day

Mollie and Maggie went to the groomers yesterday. They would both rather stay outside and roll around in the snow and play all day so they both needed a spa day - BAD.   This was Mollie's first trip to the groomer since we got her.  I wanted her to feel comfortable before we exposed her to anything new and scary.  As it is, she doesn't travel well in the car.  I put her in the crate and she always gets sick, like all over, like bad!  I'm sure part of it is that she is afraid she's going to be abandoned again.  She got sick going but was fine coming home.  Next trip I'm going to try letting her sit on the back seat with Maggie.  They will be harnessed in to the seat belt holders so they can't get hurt and I'll put lots of blankets and towels down - just in case.  This is how Maggie travels and it's one of her favorite things to do.
 I'm sorry the picture is a tad blurry, but doesn't she look so adorable now?  The groomer, Jaymie, said she did just fine and was happy and there were no problems.  She said Mollie's starting to get the little tufts of hair between the ears that are so darling.

I talked to Jaymie about Mollie's coat and tail.  Maggie has a nice straight smooth coat.  Mollie's is soft but wavy.  She said her coat was not standard (she used to have a Scottie) and that may be why someone got rid of her.  Not up to standard - kick her out.  Insert angry face here!  Also Mollie's tale does not arch around like it should.  Most of the time it hangs down and when she does raise it is only slight.  Jaymie said she might have some nerve damage from an accident - intentional or otherwise.  Any opinions out there in Scottie land?

Whatever the case may be,  I'm so glad we found her - or she found us.  Even Maggie is glad she is here so she has someone to play with.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Day

Here in Colorado we are experiencing a true arctic blast.  The local news stations have been warning us  of the impending storm, but nothing really prepares you for something like this.  It started snowing last evening and hasn't stopped yet in our area.  That's all fine and dandy, we've been through this before.  What we haven't had before, at least not Sweetie and I, are the cold temperatures.

Doesn't it just look picturesque and peaceful?  It is, except it's only 8 degrees outside!  The cold temperatures are going to hang around till the weekend and depending on which news agency you listen to, today's high will be between 8 and 10 degrees and the low tonight will be between -8 and -6 degrees!  That's cold people!  We are advised to leave any faucet on an outside wall turned on to a slow drip and to keep cupboard doors and/or shower doors open so the heat can get to them.  Otherwise you run the risk of your pipes breaking.  I had the kitchen sink dripping all night and only caught a mixing bowl full of water so I don't feel bad about "wasting" water.  Late last night I stuck my head out the front door and it was scary cold.  There was even frost on the inside of the storm door. We're staying in and keeping a close tab on Mollie and Maggie when they have to go outside.

Speaking of Mollie.  As  new quilter years ago, I thought that I had to match the thread with the fabric when I was piecing the quilts.  I have since learned to use neutrals, white, cream, beige, gray with an occasional black thrown in as those stitches don't generally show.  So I naturally have lots of colored thread that I don't use.  I was throwing putting some things in the spare bedroom to clean up one day and put my big glass jar of thread on the floor tucked away on the other side of the dresser along with some other sewing things.  Well, somehow, Mollie decided to go exploring.  Did she dig out my myriad assortment of neon colored threads that I don't use?  Of course not!

She went straight for the neutrals!!!!  Mollie, Mollie, Mollie!  What can I say.  She must have gotten the  neutral thread memo!

To all of you who are experiencing severe weather, stay safe and warm.  To all of you who have lovely, sunny, warm weather - consider yourself very lucky!

Have a great rest of the week!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From Miss Jean, Sweetie, Maggie and Mollie

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow Story

We had snow last Thursday.  One day of beautiful snow.  The problem this time is that the temperatures dropped so drastically and everything turned to ice.  It looked so peaceful and innocent but underneath the snow on the roads was another story all together.  I wasn't truly aware of the ice problem and I thought on Friday that I would run to the library to return The Bletchley Circle dvd and pick up the latest copy of Midsomer Murders.  Hubs and I are great British television fans and our local library is awesome and has quite a wonderful selection.  I can reserve a book or dvd online and when it's in I go pick it up.  They have self checkout so I'm in and out in less than 5 minutes.

So off I go and it wasn't long before I realized that it wasn't one of my most brilliant ideas.   A six mile round trip on solid ice.  Me with no snow tires or front wheel drive.  It was too late to turn around by the time I realized my mistake so I trudged along.  The great thing about it is that everyone just took it slow.  Like 20 miles per hour slow.  I did have to coast through one stop sign as the car just didn't want to stop.

I made it home just fine!  Whew.  I swore off going anywhere until May!!!!!  Now, did I ever mention our driveway?  It's slanted.  A lot!! I had shoveled the walkway up to the house and the sidewalk but not the driveway.  I started to but a.) I was tired, and b.) I started to slip and slide.  That should have been my first clue not to go out.  When I got back I couldn't get the car up the drive.  Back and forth I went and each time I went a little further but not enough to get into the garage.  Right about then the neighbors parents came by.  The Dad got out and said he'd push while I tried it again.  Oh, Lord, I though sure I would run over him.  I got a little way but the car stopped and I slammed on the brakes.  Then he got the snow shovel and cleared the driveway and I gunned it.  "Please, oh, please, don't let me crash into the house!"  Success!!!!!!  I woke up the next day and the driveway was all clear.  Unbeknownst to be, my other neighbors had come out after work on Friday and shoveled the drive and sprinkled ice melt "stuff" on it.  (The same neighbors who cleaned my gutters!  Aren't I fortunate!?)

It's Sunday and I haven't ventured out since.  The roads are clear, albeit it's freezing out, so I think I may go out today.  If for no other reason than to get some more of "stuff" you sprinkle around to make the snow melt.  I did learn some things:

1.  If you think you need to go out in bad weather, rethink it.
2.  If you have to do something, be brave and do it.  You just might surprise yourself.
3.  There are so many nice people out there who are willing to help when you need it.  I preface that with don't ask for help until you have tried to help yourself and you just can't do it alone.
4.  Pass it on.  I can't shovel snow or clean gutters but I can rake the neighbors leaves and bake cookies.

Hubs and I are going to have a quiet Thanksgiving just the two of us this year.  We had an invitation from some friends who live about three hours from here.  We spent Christmas with them last year and took Maggie with us.   We had a wonderful time and stayed a few days.  However, with getting little Mollie and her being still a little skittish, we thought it best to stay home.  I haven't decided whether to go ahead and cook a big meal or go out.  Maybe we'll take in a movie - or watch some more Midsomer Murders.

What do you do when it's just you for a holiday?  Give me some more ideas.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a peaceful Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 18, 2013


Winter is still a month away which means it's fall - as in FALLING LEAVES!

We have three willow trees on our property.  One in the front and two in the back.  I'm not sure what type of willow they are, they are not the weeping type, just the messy, dropping leaves and branches type.  Huge branches drop all the time, especially from the one on the side yard.  It's usually not the dead branches (there are many of those) but live green ones.  I know if we have had any sort of wind, I need to go pick them up.  I do not recommend this tree at all!  They are not pretty like the weeping willow.  They have no redeeming qualities, just too many falling leaves, surface roots and a tendency for the branches to break and fall.  I supposed I could have them taken out but they are so large the cost would be prohibitive.  I've already apologized to the new neighbors about the messy tree next to our common fence.  It was hear before I got here and there's nothing I can do.

 My neighbor cleaned out my gutters (God Bless Him!) and I know they are full again.  He said he'd come back in a couple weeks and do it again.  For some reason he doesn't want me standing on the very top of our ladder to do it myself!

November is supposed to be one of the snowiest months here.  We've only had about a half day so far.  I have to get all the leaves up off the yard before it does rain or snow so it doesn't smother the grass.  Yesterday I blew and raked the front yard.  We live on the end of a court with a third acre lot.  The front yard is really small.  I did our front yard and the tiny side yard of our neighbor (the least I could do) and the combined tiny side yard on the other side.  SIX GARBAGE CANS OF LEAVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Today I'm starting on the back.  Wish me luck!  

Now for a reality check.  It's a beautiful, warm and sunny day and it will be lovely outside.  My prayers go out to all those in the midwest affected by the tornadoes.  I'm from Michigan and I don't remember tornadoes in November.

I hope you all have a great and safe week ahead!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Haiti Sew

I'm a quilter, not a seamstress and garment sewer.  I did sew some easy little jumpers for my daughter, Dory, when she was little but stopped when they would have needed more intricate sewing skills.  I was fortunate to be able to be introduced to some great ladies here who volunteer their time, efforts, skills and materials to make dresses, bags and shorts to send to Haiti.  I figured I could help, even if it was just ironing or pinning.  I wanted to be involved.  There is such a desperate need for these things there along with food and shoes.  I'm not sure how long this particular group has been doing this but I know they have made a huge impact with the town and church they work with in Haiti.

 We usually meet twice a month to sew.  This past Tuesday an extra effort was made so they could make lots of dresses all at once.  There were over 40 volunteers all working assembly line to get the job done.  A lady from Texas drove all the way here to Colorado with fabric that had been donated.  Some were cutting, inserting elastic, adding binding, hemming, ironing or putting on pockets.

There are going to be a lot of happy little girls the next time the dresses are delivered.  Aren't they pretty?  I don't know any little girl anywhere who wouldn't just love having one.  I'm not sure how many they were able to finish but there is a goal of 100+ (or more) by February.

This is what it's all about!  This is one of the little girls who got a dress last year.  Is she adorable or what?  Take a minute - how long would it take for you to make something easy that would help someone so tremendously?  Some of these little ones have nothing, including clothes.  No one deserves that.

You don't have to find a group just like ours.  There are all sorts of charity and volunteer opportunities out there.  It may be helping out at the senior home in your town, rescuing a dog, donating blood, serving meals to the homeless during the holidays, donating food, donating blankets to a homeless shelter,  reading to a child.  Sometimes looking outside ourselves makes us feel so much better inside.

There is no way I can say "thank you" and "job well done" to all the ladies at the Haiti sew.  I will say a big THANK YOU and GOD BLESS  to Barbara.  She has a servants heart and more energy than anyone I have met!!!

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day, Aaron!

Happy Veterans Day to our son, Aaron!

We are bursting with pride in all you have accomplished in your life.  Though you have done so much serving your country, you are always, always, humble in the fact that you are just doing your job.  We are relieved that you are back on home soil but know that if asked, you would go wherever you are sent.

Next year as you retire after 23 years in the Navy, may you find as much happiness in civilian life as you have in the military!

Mom and Dad

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday

More gratuitous pictures of the dogs!  I hate to even call them dogs, really they are little furry people that rule live in our home.

This is one of Maggie's favorite places to sit.  She can look out the windows and make sure everything is right with the world.  When Mollie jumped up, she didn't quite know what to think. (Sorry for the glare.)

This is Maggie and we just love her to pieces!

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille."

You'll have to enlarge the pictures to really see Mollie's cute little face!

The girls and I hope you have a fun weekend.  I'm off to a Christmas Bazaar and a favorite restaurant.  Then hopefully, I can get some sewing done.  I need to do some housework and mop floors.  I can already see the difference in having two dogs rather than one.  Worth it?  You bet!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Is the Honeymoon Over?

Well, we have had Mollie for a little over a week.  From the pictures below, you might think that the honeymoon is over.

Not in the least.  Our little Mollie has been an incredible joy with some surprising perks.  The previous owners (of two whole weeks) wrote that she was not housebroken.  I guess if you are stuck in a laundry room all day, you might have an accident.  Mollie has not had one accident in our house.  Not one!!!  If I say, "let's go outside" she runs right to the door.  She has even gone to the back door and barked and scratched to be let out.  Getting her back in is another thing but we're working on that.  I put out a couple dog beds and they quickly became her go to places to nap.  She sleeps all night in her crate without a wimper.  We'll have her sleeping with us (and Maggie) on the bed before too long but want to wait a while longer for that.

Like I said, she doesn't like to come back inside when I let her out back.  So in the evening I take her out front on a leash for her potty breaks if it's dark out.  I've already warned the neighbors about seeing me in my jammies and robe walking down the street.  Just look the other way, people!

Mollie is gaining confidence with playing with Maggie.  Maggie means no harm but likes to play rough.  Yesterday, Mollie actually was giving it back to Maggie and they were chasing each other around the house.  She loves playing with toys as you can see below.  I keep the toys all in a pile and she quickly gets them all out again.

I took her into the vet's on Friday for her rabies vaccination and she was declared perfectly healthy in every way.  She was very sociable with the other dogs so she is not as timid any more.  She still shirks away if I put my hand out to pet her which makes me think she might have been abused.  Lots of love and hugs should take care of that.  She even loves to take naps with me in the afternoon, curling up beside me.  Sweet!

The only problem we have with her is her barking.  I have had to apologize to the neighbors with the guarantee we will work on it.  They have been so nice and understanding.  The gal on one side said not to worry about it as did the neighbors on the other side.  They are new to the neighborhood and immediately had gone down and gotten a rescue dog themselves, so they understand what all it entails.

Today I am going down to our local city offices to get Mollie's tags so she will be street legal.  She has fit right in and made herself an instant part of our family.  I highly recommend getting a rescue dog and hopefully you will have as good a luck as we have.

I mentioned above that there was a surprising perk  I periodically suffer from insomnia.  I'll stay awake untill four or five in the morning and then only sleep about four hours.  It's exhausting and it has made me miss meetings and appointments as I'm too tired to drive, not to mention it's not safe.  Since getting Mollie I have been so much busier chasing after her, taking her for walks, picking up after her and all the other things that having a new dog entails that I am ready for bed by ten at night!

Besides the city offices I think I better stop and get some new slippers - and then figure out a place to hide them!  I'll try to get some more pictures of Mollie soon - if she ever holds still long enough to have one taken!

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A New Member of Our Family

We have an announcement.  We have added a new member to our family!

That's our Scottie, Maggie on the left and our new Scottie, Mollie, on the right.  We've been wanting to get a new little sibling for Maggie for quite some time.  However, we didn't want to go through the puppy stage again.  Finding an adult Scottie is not that easy.  As it turns out, this past week eight Scotties became available through two different agencies here.

I had put in my name to the Dumb Friend's League, our local rescue animal shelter, for a purebred Scottie a month ago and we got the call Friday night. We went down first thing Saturday to "just look" at her.  I have a tendency to over think things and didn't want to make a hasty decision this time.  The minute we saw her and heard her story we knew we couldn't leave her there.  She started out as a puppy mill dog, was rescued by a family who gave her to another family who only had her for two weeks.  No wonder she's a little skittish and shy!  No animal should have to go through all of that.

I made the mistake of letting her run around our back yard first thing when we got home and boy did I have a time trying to catch her!  I'm learning a few tricks, though.  So far no accidents in the house, which is a good thing.  Her favorite thing to do is to go on walks, so walking we do.  FAST!!!!  She's much better on a leash than Maggie.  Maggie stops and sniffs every single blade of grass.  Mollie is a gal on a mission.  Our first walk today was a long one.  I took her near some traffic so she would start getting used to noises.  The second walk was shorter as it was freezing rain out.  By the time I get her used to us I should be in great shape!

Right now we have part of the house blocked off and she sleeps in a crate.  I'm tired and can't get much done right now as most of the time I sit and hold her.  I don't want her to wander around freely yet.  That, along with trust, will come with a little time and lots of love.

She's very petite, almost half the size of Maggie.  The Dumb Friends League gives everyone that adopts an animal a free checkup at a vet, so I'll be taking her down for that and her rabies shot.  Then we'll head on over to the city offices for her license so she will be street legal.

If you or your family are considering getting a new pet, consider adopting a rescue animal.  Here in Colorado, rescue and shelter animals are our state pet.  People here are passionate about rescuing and placing animals in loving homes.  The Dumb Friends League is a wonderful organization and I thank them for giving us the opportunity to bring Mollie home.

*A note about the Dumb Friends League.  They don't call them "dumb" because they think the animals are stupid.  They call them that because they can't speak for themselves so they need our help.  One of the original founders of the Dumb Friends League was none other than Margaret Brown of Denver.  Better know as The Unsinkable Molly Brown!  Quite fitting, don't you think?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Help Wanted

I have a question for anyone who stops by.  Are you still seeing my green polka dot background?  Every time I open up my page it's just black.  It doesn't seem to be loading correctly.  Maybe it's just our computer.

I'd appreciate if you would let me know.

Thanks and have a wonderful fall weekend!

Well, for some reason my blog and my computer don't like each other.  I went into my "Design" area to "Template" and changed the background design.  It let me do that so for some reason it doesn't recognize my old background.  So for the time being I'm going to use just the white.  I don't have anyone around here that has a blog or knows what to do.  So my one question now is, how does one contact the blogger people and ask for help?  THANKS!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Snow!

This is what we woke up to today. It's not supposed to stick around long, though.  Below freezing temperatures tonight and cold tomorrow.  Then back to fall weather for the weekend.  I'm telling you, there is weather here for just about anyone's taste!

As for me, you know what this means, don't you?  1......2......3........


1.  Don't get dressed (I'm retired, remember) and put on my best sock monkey flannel pajamas, busy bee slippers and Scottie bathrobe.  I'm such a fashion-ista!
2.  Get out a good book to read.
3.  Make some hot tea or hot cider
4.  Take a nap
5.  Mix and repeat!!!

I hope you all have as great a day as I plan on having!

After my first comment I think I have come up with a great idea!  How about a virtual pajama day?  Pictures not necessary!!!  LOL!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Fall! 

*another beautiful picture from my friend, Nikki.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catching up....

Oh, how I wish this was my Hollyhock!  Sadly, it isn't.  It belongs to my best friend Nikki.  We both love Hollyhocks, in particular the old fashioned single ones.

I had great plans to create a perennial garden here when we moved but so far I haven't done so.  The ground here is terrible!!!!!  The yard is a HUGE 1/3 acre and I can't imagine planting all of that.  I do have a small little area near the patio that I think I will attempt to plant next spring.  There is a tree next to it and I put bark around it and raked the little planter area.  So what happened?  Maggie and the bunnies think it's their personal play yard. Bark everywhere.  Dig holes in the dirt.  What a mess. I'll probably have to put a little fence around it until it's established.

You may have read about the floods here in Colorado.  Being a newbie here it's difficult to wrap my brain around the devastation.  The sun is shining today but there are still roads closed, houses destroyed, people unaccounted for.  They want to get the roads back by December 1st.  At least that is the plan.  It is all going to depend on how soon winter hits us.

We didn't have floods where we live.  However, there were lots of leaks in basements including ours.  What a mess.  I had to go purchase a wet vacuum and I vacuumed up at least 4 gallons of water.  It was  in one part of the basement and luckily didn't spread to the entire area.  We had to move so much stuff that my straightened out basement now looks exactly (or worse) than when we first moved in.  We have an insurance adjuster coming Monday and then will have to call a contractor if it's not covered.  We have no idea where the water was coming in from.  Please pray we will find the problem and it will be a quick fix before we get more rain.

More importantly, please pray for the people of our beautiful state that have lost so much.  I'm proud of our state.  I've never seen an area where people come together so selflessly.  Our state motto?


Monday, September 9, 2013

Holly Hobbie

You know what they say.  Everything that is old is new again.  I was perusing Facebook one day and came across a fabric store that had Holly Hobbie fabric.  It brought back memories of when my daughter was little and she loved Holly Hobbie.  She's 43 now but I still have her Holly Hobbie pillowcase safely tucked away.

I had saved lots of her things thinking one day she would not only be a great mom, but a mom to girls.  Well, two boys later and you know how that goes.

I'm trying to get rid of some of the clutter before the Hoarder people from television knock on my door. I came across this sweet needlework that my mother-in-law made for Dory.  It's in pristine condition and is 11" x 14".  Her needlework skills are exquisite and the picture in no way does it justice.

I'm offering it for sale for $30.  It would make a great picture for a little girls's room.  It could also be used as a center medallion for a quilt.

If you are interested just leave me a comment and I will contact you.  It's a shame that it is just sitting here when some little girl might love it.

In the meantime, have a great week!!!

*Holly has sold and is going to a new home right here in Colorado!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Beads of Courage

I know I've mentioned before about my weekly sew and tell meeting that I attend at Above and Beyond Sewing and Vacuum.  We like to get there a little early to catch up on what everyone has been doing for the week.  Then we are filled in about upcoming classes and new products.  After that there is always some sort of craft/sewing/quilting demonstration.  A good time is always had by all.

This past Wednesday we did something different.  There is a nation-wide program called Beads of Courage.  You can read about it here on their web site.  Children who are afflicted with serious and/or life threatening diseases can participate through hospitals in their area.  For instance, if it is a cancer patient they get a bead for visits, a bead for shots, a bead when their hair falls out, etc.. They get a bead for every milestone along their journey.   Please take the time to go through the web site and learn about this wonderful program.

We spent the day making bags to distribute to children at the hospital in our area that is sponsoring the program.  This is just a small example of the bags we made.  It was a great day and I think we all felt so good to be doing our part to help the children have something special.

If you are wondering if there is a facility in your area that participates in this program go to the home page, at the top click on "information" and click on "hospitals".    If you would like to make bags go the top where it says "artists"and then click on "quilters".  You will find the directions for making these simple bags as well as an order form to send for the labels .

Thank you in advance for any help you can give this organization.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Laundry Room Alert!

I didn't have anything better to do so I thought I would take pictures of my laundry room to show you.  I actually have tons to do, but I got distracted, truth be told.  Excuse the poor quality of pictures.  Son gave me a new (hand me down) camera which takes awesome pictures, I'm sure.  Trouble is he didn't give me the charger for it.  I'm waiting for him to come home from the other side of the world so he can find it in all his stuff.  They are not cheap and I know the minute I buy one, he'll find it.  So I wait....

Back to the laundry room.  In all of my 45 years of marriage I have never had a laundry room.  Although, that's not entirely true.  We had one house that had a "laundry area" behind bi-fold doors in the - get this - family room!  You could not watch television, talk, or even think straight when the washer and dryer were going because of the noise.  What were they thinking?  First thing we did was have them moved to the garage.  Then we took off the doors and paneled the area (it was the 80's after all) and put up shelves.  We used the area to store games and books.  It worked out great.

Having an laundry room here is a real blessing.  It's almost a necessity also as it gets so very cold in the winter.  I wouldn't want to be out in the garage doing laundry when the temperatures are below zero.  I've had fun decorating it.  It was a blank slate, off white walls and a gray washer and dryer.  I had some pink containers I had purchased at Home Goods that I used in my sewing room at the other house.  I store cleaning supplies, tools, light bulbs, etc. in them.  It made choosing my color scheme easy - pink!!

I have a nice collection of Scottie linens.  This is a child's apron.

 This sign is a gift from a friend.  It doesn't look like it here but it's pink.

 Scotty door stops.

I have a white wicker hamper for the dirty laundry.  I would set something cute on top of it, but just in case the hubs does some laundry I don't want to make it any more difficult for him.  (LOL!  I crack myself up!!!)

A Busy Bee Washboard (blurry photo alert!)

Pink Quilt

Have you seen the reproduction blue Ball jars that are available?  I bought mine to use.  I guess I better go get some more 'cause these look cute right where they are!

More Scottie linens.  You can't tell but the towels are hanging from vintage glass towel bars.

 If it is a Scottie something, I probably have it.  That is a tablecloth hanging from my ironing board.  I forgot to take a picture of it but it has a pink cover.  Of course it does!

As I was puttsing around the house this morning I came across this little oval Scottie dresser scarf and I thought it was time to give it a home.  In a moment of sheer brilliance (LOL!) I decided to hang it over the washer and dryer hoses.  You can decorate a laundry room but it doesn't look finished and nice if they are showing.   If you look close you can see delicate tatting around the edge that has little holes in it (openwork) which made it easy to hang.  Worked out great.

I just heard the dryer go off so I better go hang up clothes.  Have a Happy and Restful Labor Day!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Fine Jane Austen Marriage

I don't know about you, but I think that this summer has gone way too fast!!  I had such plans to do so much.  Sadly, I didn't get many of them done.  Whose to blame?  Me!!!!  Oh, well.  Here's to a cooler and more productive fall.

I haven't been doing much sewing of late.  At least not nearly as much as I would like - or should be doing.  I have a baby quilt to crank out and some bags to cut out for a sew-in at a local shop for charity.  Then a quilt for my grandson.  When I get all that done I hope to make something for myself!!  Yesterday I got together with two friends to put together a quilt for a gal we just met.  I don't want to go into details until we give it to her.  Not that she reads my blog, I'm sure.  I just want to be careful.  We decided she needs and deserves a warm hug from a quilt.

Darcy and Carol are the two gals I sewed with yesterday.  We meet at Darcy's periodically to make things like the tote bags I blogged about earlier this summer.  Just scroll down and you'll see them.  What I find so admirable about these two gals is the amount of charity sewing they do.  They belong to the Firehouse Quilt Guild that Pat was so nice to blog about here.  They also sew dresses and bags on a regular basis that are donated to women and children in Haiti.  Every month they pick a new charity to sew for, making hats for the homeless,  backpacks for foster children, bags and quilts for the local Children's Hospital for the little cancer patients.  Even beds for rescue cats.  Well done, ladies!!!!!

In all of this, they actually make time to make something for themselves. They deserve it, don't you think?  I had been going through my patterns one day and came across Miss Rosie's Schnibble pattern, Darcy.  I decided it needed a new home, and should go to my friend, Darcy.  She was thrilled to get a pattern named after her!  (We laughed, because we agreed it was more than likely named after Mr. Darcy of Jane Austen fame!)  Her all time favorite quilt star is Eleanor Burns so she made Darcy using Eleanor's fabric line, Ellie Ann.  A perfect Jane Austen marriage, don't you think?

Isn't it the prettiest thing?  The colors remind me of sherbet ice-cream.  She still has to quilt it but I wanted you to see it now.  I'm sure Carrie and Eleanor, along with Mr. Darcy, would be pleased.

We're in for another hot day here today.  I have been busy of late so I'm taking the day off to "chill" before doing some work around the house this weekend.  It is Labor Day weekend, after all.  I'm going to watch some British murder mysteries dvd's and maybe try to get some reading done.  I think there may be a nap in the mix as well!

Have a wonderful weekend and drive safe if you are travelling!!!  Maggie sends her love!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Window Well Covers

Well, it doesn't take much to make this gal happy.  We just had our window well covers installed on our three basement windows and I am thrilled!!!

This is the before:

This is the after:

We chose not to get them at a big box store.  They would not be custom fit and with installation would have ended up costing us more.  We went with a local company who does make them custom. They are powder coated steel and will hold 500 pounds.  If you need to get out of the basement in an emergency all you do is open the window and release the chain lock, which is an easy 2 second maneuver.  They cannot be opened from the outside.

You may have heard my stories about raccoons and bunnies (alive and passed on) that have fallen down our wells, as well as debris.  This will put a stop to that!!!  Now if you know me, you know it's all about Maggie.  The main reason I wanted them is because I was so worried she would run around the corner of the house chasing a rabbit at night and WHAM!  Down she would go.  I couldn't forgive myself if she got hurt.

My next project is to put some fresh bark at the bottom and put a few of my bunny statues in there for decoration.  From now on those are the only ones allowed!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 2, 2013

I have a question!

I have a housekeeping question.  I have links on my sidebar and I can't add any more.  I know that some of the current links have closed and some haven't been added to for a year.  I have some new blog links I'd like to add but can't until  I clean up my list.

So, how do you all do upkeep on your links? If a blog hasn't be posted for a year do you delete it?  Six months?  Two years?

It's painful and I don't want anyone thinking I don't care for them anymore.  However, I know that people's interests and focus can change.  I really appreciate the blogs that come out and say that they are either taking a blog break or are stopping altogether.

I appreciate your input!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

  Anne of Bunny Hill has challenged us to take more pictures of our pets.  This is my favorite shot of Maggie, taken a few years ago at the Painted Desert.   Doesn't she look all sophisticated?  She's really not.  She's a silly dog that lives to chase bunnies.  As soon as I can, I'll take a picture of her and post it.  She stands in the kitchen with her head out of the pet door - waiting---watching---hoping!  It looks hilarious.  Also, like I said, we have a pet door.  Dogs can come and go out of a pet door, right?  Not Maggie.  She stands in the kitchen  and lets me know she wants out.  I have to get up and go to the door.  Then she starts this sllloooooowwww motion walk/crawl to the door.  When she gets right up to it she won't go out until I "click" the latch - then she's off like a shot!  She's really well trained.  Oh, yea, I think I'm the one who is trained!

We have basements here so therefore we have basement window wells that are four or five foot deep.  The guys are here now measuring so we can have custom covers made.  They are really good for security.  Don't want any robbers breaking in now, do we?  Mostly I'm having them made for Maggie and the animals.  Last year we had a raccoon in one of the window wells.  It fell down somehow and couldn't get out.  Animal control wouldn't come out so we put a big branch and a ladder down and it managed to crawl out.  Then earlier this summer we had a little cute baby bunny down in one of the wells.  Aaahhhh!  I had to go in the basement and capture it with a box to get it out.  I was afraid it would get loose in the basement which would have been a catastrophe.  While rescuing him/her I found a couple dead rabbits as well.  YUCK!!!  My theory is that Maggie chases them around the corner of the house and wooohhhhooo, down they go!  My real fear is Maggie will fall down as well.  The window wells can hold 500 pounds, are powder coated steel and have quick release latches so you can open them from the basement in case of an emergency.  AND they were cheaper than the ones I looked at at the big box stores.  You can check them out here.

Anything to make my dog safe and happy, right?  Right!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!!!!

from Miss Jean and Maggie!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is that GREEN I see?

This is what Maggie is doing this morning.  She loves to sit by the front door and watch.  Watch for what?  Oh, cats, rabbits, anything that moves.

Do you notice the green grass?  Monday night we had a Winter Weather Advisory.  Snow, ice, wind, the whole nine yards!  Today the snow is gone, the sun is shining and I can hear birds chirping outside.  I'm sure they are happy little campers today, too.  If you look close at the wet spot on the porch you can still see the remnants of some ice.  That'll be gone later as well.  We need more rain so that's fine.  Just can we be done with the snow!?!

Today I have a few errands to run and then I need to finish some housework.  After that I have to work on my daughter's quilt.  I was ready to put the strips together last night.  Then all I would have left to do is sew on the borders and take it down and quilt it at the new quilt shop in town that rents time on their fabulous long arm.  Sadly, I had sewn one of the blocks together wrong (as in upside down and backwards wrong) so I had to do some Frog Sewing last night.  You know, rip-it, rip-it, rip-it!

What wonderful things are ya'll up to today?

P.S.  Maggie just came in the room to say hi!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little bit of sewing going on...

I went to a friend's house yesterday for a sew-in.  Her hubs was out of town and it was the perfect time to get together with friends and have some fun.  Rather than working on quilts, we made these bags.  Aren't they the cutest?  Can you guess what they are made out of?

If you guessed expensive decorator fabric you would be wrong.  They are made out of place mats!! Mine is the one on the right.  The hardest part was actually finding the place mats without spending too much money.  I found mine at Big Lots for $1.50 each.  Besides two place mats you just need to have some cotton duck fabric which is a heavy fabric that can be found at Joann's and some cotton fabric for the liner.  Finish it off with a covered piece of foam board to reinforce the bottom and voila!  You're done!  How cute is that?  Mine is a gift for a friend and I hope she loves it.

I'm basically a quilter but I love these quick projects.  They help perfect your sewing skills like top stitching and give you instant gratification because they are fast and you don't have to be quite as precise as with quilting.

On a side note, do you see how sunny it was?  Well, things can change on a dime here.  It's snowing, schools are closed, businesses are closed, roads are dangerous.  In other words, it's a SNOW DAY!  In my terminology, that means PAJAMA DAY!  I'm staying in and reading, sewing, and catching up on watching the NCIS shows I have taped.

Have fun wherever you are!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013