Monday, January 26, 2009

The Good and the Bad

The Good: Since my blog is "In The Garden With Miss Jean", I thought I should show you something that is blooming in my yard today. This is a beautiful miniature camellia that I have on the patio in a container. I bought it without knowing what it would look like. But being it was pink and a miniature, how could I go wrong. The name of it is Pink Wings and I found it at my favorite nursery in Turlock, California called The Greenery. It's presently no more than 24 inches tall and I hope it stays that small. It's just covered in buds so will make quite a spectacular site from inside the house looking out. Camellias are one of my favorite plants and I have lots of them around the front and back of the house. I just wished they bloomed in the summer.

Pink Wings Camellia

The Bad: We had quite an event in our neighborhood the other night. Some kids (I don't know the ages yet) were out drinking and doing drugs and ended up in a police pursuit. Ours is just a little town of only about 7,000 people and we are surrounded by farms and orchards. Nothing ever happens here! While being chased, the driver turned off the main road onto the street that runs by the side of our tract. I don't know how or why he lost control of his vehicle but he ended up in our neighbors house. This house is four doors down from mine and is the corner house onto the street. No one was injured but there is extensive damage to the home. They demolished the living room and thankfully no one was in there at the time. Had it been the model home like I have it would have gone into a bedroom. So like most things, it could have been worse.

There are tire marks just to the right of the tree so it looks like the car headed straight at the house and then somehow slid sideways. The car hasn't been moved yet. They have to get a structural engineer in first to make sure nothing collapses when they move it. All utilities to the house had to be shut off.

Good Grief!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting Ready

In February my quilting group and I are going on a retreat for four days in the beautiful foothills near Sonora, California. We have limited space so we all get as much cutting and preparation work done ahead of time.

I've been working on getting my blocks ready for the Siggy Swap. I have 60 blocks to do before April 15th so I plan on finishing them up at retreat. The other day I'm happily sewing, la, la. Then I notice - no bobbin thread for the last 20 blocks!!!!! Please, someone tell me I'm not the only one that does that!

These are my little friends who sit and watch me sew. I hope I didn't frighten them when I started screaming!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome Aboard

I'd like to introduce you to two new members of our extended family. My BFF, Nikki got a boxer puppy from her brother to train and housebreak. When he's all ready she will then give him to her granddaughter, Peyton. So then Nikki decided that the little fellow needed a friend and she decided to get one for herself. Trouble is, Peyton thinks they are both hers. I don't know what she's going to do when she can only take one home. Maybe by that time, Mommy will let her have them both!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen (drum roll please)! May I introduce you to:

Wesley and Winslow

Nikki came by for us to meet them. They had to stay in their crate in the car as they are much to young to go out in public. Germs, don't ya know.

Maggie is not quite sure what to make of all this. Ah, puppy breath! Nothing better!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the winner is.........

"Floss? Of course I floss!"

Sent in by "Corgi Dog Mama". Please email me your name and address and I'll get your goodies sent off to you right away. Also let me know which shelter or rescue agency you would like the donation be made to in your name.

Thank you for all who entered! It was really a tough choice. A lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Maggie celebrated her first birthday with a day at the spa. She came home all beautiful, bow and all. I think the caption for this picture is:

"Enough with the camera already, Mom! I'm tired from being pampered!"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Contest and Maggie

I attempted all day yesterday to do this post but Blogspot would not cooperate so I apologize for the delay. I had no idea that Maggie's birthday and the day that I choose the winner, Tuesday, January 20th, is also our Inauguration Day here in the States. So two great events on one day, how cool is that!?!

With that said, here are the prizes for the contest. In honor of Maggie, some good Scottish Tea. We're big tea drinkers in our house! A mug for the tea (I'll never spell party the same again). A copy of the book Marley and Me which is so wonderful and makes Maggie look like Mother Teresa (sorry....). Lastly a beautiful scarf knit by none other than my Mom. If red isn't your color you can let me know what color you want and Mom will whip it up in an hour. She's fast and loves to make them. So keep entering here and I'll choose next Tuesday evening. *I forgot to metion that the winner will also receive a donation given to the animal shelter or animal rescue agency of their choice.

A friend of mine also owns a Scottish Terrier. I say "own" loosley because if you have a Scottish Terrier you know that they actually "own" you. Anyway, she wants me to let everyone know how unique Maggie is. In other words, not all Scottish Terriers are chewers. Her Scotty is not a chewer. He is very sophisticated and genteel and very much the gentleman. "Yes, you are, Dughall!" Our previous Scotty, Marjorie, was an angel from heaven. Never chewed, never barked, sweet, sweet, sweet.

With that said, here is the latest from Maggie!

This is what's left of one of my slippers. I was upstairs on the computer and things got a little too quiet. Then she came up and sat by me with this look that could melt your heart, "I'm sorry, Mommy!" I guess knowing when you have done something wrong is the first step to turning your life around.

Three pairs of slippers - $60
Two pairs of tennis shoes - $70
One entire sprinkler system - $$$$
One handmade quilt that I made - $200
Countless chew toys - $30
Two decorator pillows from a new couch - $75
One dog bed - $30
Oh, I forgot - One Dyson vacuum cleaner cord! - $30

One little Scottish Terrier named Maggie - Priceless!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Guess What This Is and a reminder.....

Don't forget to go here and enter my caption contest. I will have the prizes posted by the end of the weekend, I promise! I'll be picking the winner on Maggie's birthday which is January 20th.

Can you guess what this is? No, it's not a piece of licorice! It's a piece of my drip irrigation tubing for my back yard. Maggie left it for me by the back door. AAACCCKKK!!! Friends keep telling me that Maggie will grow out of chewing everything in site. On the most part she has. No more chewed up shoes or quilts or pillows from the new couch! Oh, the stories I could tell you! But when is she going to leave the sprinkler system alone? This spring I will have to go out and repair it so I can water my back yard. Do you know how you do that? First you turn it on and go around and ascertain what needs repaired. Are you getting the picture? I have done this before and it is not a pretty site! I get soaking wet and covered with dirt. So much for "In the Garden With the Glamorous Miss Jean"!

If Maggie doesn't stop chewing my sprinklers, she's going to be part of the contest giveaway! Just kidding! I can do a lot of hand watering but I can't replace that sweet little dog. Somehow she weaseled herself right into my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend and kiss someone you love.

(P.S. Go here to meet Wilbur. I am not alone......)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Small Packages and a Contest

They say that good things come in small packages. That's true. Only this small package wasn't just a "good thing", it was a sweet, thoughtful, PINK thing. We went to my friend Becky's house just before Christmas to exchange gifts and wish their family a wonderful holiday season. She is always so thoughtful and knows just the right thing to give someone. Although this wasn't all she gave me (you really didn't have to do all that, Becky!), it was the smallest and sweetest. It's a little pink Scotty! I swear. If you collect something - like pink china and scotties - it's out there. You just have to look. I'm going to name her Miss Pink. Isn't she darling?

Do you see the black and white Christmas card behind Miss Pink? That is a card hand painted by none other than our friend Wave. She is so talented, kind and a fellow Scotty owner. Her home is featured this month at The Old Painted Cottage.


Now this picture doesn't have anything to do with Christmas or gifts or good friends. It's just Maggie being silly. My 100th post anniversary came and went without a giveaway. So I think I'll have a giveaway to celebrate Miss Maggie's one year birthday on January 20th. It won't be just a "leave a comment" contest. I'm having a contest for the most clever caption for Maggie's picture.

Make up something really good and leave it on the comment section! Maggie and I will judge the entries on her birthday. The winner will receive a wonderful gift (I'll post a picture of it as soon as I figure out what it is. Talk about spur of the moment! Te He!) I will also make a donation to the animal shelter or rescue site of your choice.

Have a wonderful, restful and peaceful Sunday! Go out there and hug someone you love and give a smile to a stranger. It's contagious!