Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's The Little Things in Life

 I just love quilters.  I always tell people that if you are lonely, take up quilting.  You have an entire world of friends out there that you just haven't met yet.  On the whole, they are kind and generous - not to mention a lot of fun.  Very giving and thoughtful! I wanted you to see what one of my quilter/sewer friends made me for my birthday.  The cutest little pin cushion with an attached needle case.

 Pin cushion strawberries are very traditional, something I love.  I'll have to show you my collection of pin cushions one day.  I have lots.  As a whole, quilters are also collectors of all things sewing and I'm no different.

Darcy is very talented.  I have never met someone who quilts and sews as much as she does.  Always busy.  Thanks Darcy!!!

I went out to dinner last night with one of my newer quilting friends.  We wanted to visit before we met some other gals for sewing.  Jan knows I am a tea drinker and look what she made for me!  No special occasion, just to be nice.

The cutest little tea bag case to keep in my purse!  Isn't it the darling!?!  Jan loves her embroidery machine and did the letters herself.

I keep tea bags in my purse all the time just in case I may need one.  You'd be surprised at the restaurants that don't have them.  I was sewing one day and one of the gals asked if anyone had a tea bag.  I had a poor pitiful crunched up one in my purse.  No more!  I'll just whip out this case and not be embarrassed to share. Thanks so much, Jan!!!

I wanted to show you what I got for myself for my birthday.  I had seen this darling Scottie on Facebook and Etsy and I couldn't resist.  Here he is sitting next to my Scottie heart pin cushion.  I'm sorry he's difficult to see.  Black Scotties, real or otherwise, are difficult to photograph.

The original one was sold, but I was able to special order one.  He arrived last week all the way from England!
 I think I'll name him Finn, which rhymes with pin.  Not that I'll ever put pins in him.  That would be just mean!  He sits next to my sewing machine and keeps an eye on it when I'm not there.  Good job, Finn!!!

So like I said, it's the little things in life that count.  Little acts of kindness that mean so very much.

Have a great rest of the week!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Initial Valentine Swap

I was surfing blogs one day and happened upon Cheryl's blog, Gone Stitchin'.  I'm so glad I did!  Cheryl is one busy - and creative - lady who lives in Australia.  Her "thing" is organizing swaps.  All kinds of swaps.  I hadn't done a swap in quite a while so I signed up for her Initial Heart Swap.    She gave us the name of the person we were to make something for and it had to include their initial.

 It took me a while to figure out what to make, but I found this adorable valentine panel and off I went. I made a wallhanging and added green accents to it to go with the green in the print.  Do you see the little heart in the top left corner?

This is what I did for the initials.  I sent the panel to her along with some other things to sweeten the pot.  Including some "made in Colorado" Valentine candy.  She received it this week and seemed to be really happy with it.  Whew!!!! Are you like I am?  Afraid someone won't like something?    I try to make something that I would like to receive and that usually works.

Now, here is what I got!  I was just so thrilled.  The gal that got my name took the time to look at my Scottie filled blog and look what she came up with!!!  I've been wanting a journal for quite a while and this one is just PERFECT!!!!!!

She also sent along beautiful home-made glass-head beads that now have a home in my Scottie pin cushion.  That rather large "pin" is a stilleto - the prettiest one I have seen!

Just so you think she was a bit shy on how much candy she sent, I ate most of it before I thought to take a picture.  Tee Hee!!!

I'm going to really enjoy writing in my journal and will cherish the care and craftsmanship she took to make it so special!!!  So two very good reasons for doing this swap - the friend I made who sent me a gift and the friend I made who I sent a gift to.

In my world, that's a win, win situation!


Monday, February 10, 2014

The weather here has been crazy.  Saturday it was actually in the 40's.  Certainly a lot more balmy than we are used to lately.  Then it got really cold again.  When that happens, things start melting and then, BAM, they freeze.  I have a really nice patch of ice on the walk leading up to the house - water one day, ice the next.  I put a box with "ICE" written on it.  I was afraid I would go out in the morning to get the paper and find the delivery man on the ground.  We do have coach lights that stay on at night but I wanted to be careful.

I keep our flag flying all the time - yes there are lights on it at night.  I looked out at it this morning and it looked really strange - and shaggy.  At first I thought it was starting to ravel from the wind. 

Upon closer inspection I discovered they are what I'm calling "frost threads"!  I've never seen that before.  Have you?

We're constantly learning new things here where it snows!