Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I still don't have my laptop hooked up for wireless so I can't post any pictures. My brain is too frazzled from the move to even attempt to figure out how to do it on hub's Mac.

Becky left a comment about the bunny that Maggie caught and for her to be careful because of their teeth. I can't wait to show you a picture of them here. In California we have rather large field rabbits. Not too cute and they stay out in the fields.

What they have here are the cutest little, itty, bitty, cottontail bunnies. Something you would give your children at Easter if you didn't know better, but that's another story. They are all over the neighborhood and burrow around the foundation of the houses. Sometimes Maggie will sit with just her head poking out the pet door waiting - hoping. If she sees one, she's off to the races. The other day she was sitting in the entryway and looking out the storm door that is glass all the way down. She spotted a bunny on the neighbors lawn and went berserk! She actually got up on her hind legs and just stood straight up like a person. I tried to get a picture but my camera wasn't fast enough.

I remember the first time I came out here to visit our son. I was taking a walk in the neighborhood and saw a bunny in a front yard. I actually went up to the front door to ask them if they had a pet rabbit that had gotten out! I'm so glad no one was home!!!!

I think it's ironic that I have collected garden bunny statues over the years. I have them sitting in the back yard. Now they have furry friends as well.

Gotta go - things to do, things to do.....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Alive!!!

Thought I better pop in to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking. We made the move to Colorado and what an experience it has been! I remember moving when I was younger and I would have everything unpacked and put away in one day. Sadly, those days are gone. I'm older, slower and have more stuff. We've been here a month and we still have a mound of boxes to wade through. Every time I open a box it's like Christmas! There are still some things I cannot find which is driving me nuts! I have all the boxes labeled by room but so far there are a few things hiding.

One thing that has been limiting me to getting more done is the altitude here. I'd heard it takes a while to get used to it and boy, is that the case. I'm out of breath constantly. Yesterday, for example, I hung some blinds up in the extra bedroom. They weren't cooperating and by the time I got done I had to go take a nap. "Had to", mind you! LOL!

I am less than thrilled with the colors of the walls so I don't see the sense of unpacking everything and hanging pictures until I can get them painted. I have to repair the ceiling fan in the kitchen because I pulled the chain to turn on the light and it broke. I had lumber cut so I can make the shelves in the pantry deeper and I need to paint them before I install them. It's been raining, though, so I have to wait till the weather clears up. Since we are retired things can wait until tomorrow. It doesn't have to get done in one day! Yay!

Speaking of weather....WOW! I'm from the mid west originally, so I enjoy a good storm. The other evening the wind started blowing and the clouds rolled in and it got dark fast. We had hail and rain. Then I heard a siren and went to the back door. "Honey, that's not a fire truck!" Yup! It was a tornado warning siren!!!!! Some of the neighbors were out front so I went out, introduced myself, and asked what they do here when there is a tornado warning. "Come outside and watch!" Just like when I was a kid! It was very exciting (we had no problems as it turns out) and I spent the next hour gathering pillows, water, medicine, food and other incidentals and taking it down to the basement. Then later I spent another hour bringing it back up. I'm going to put together an emergency box to keep down there so I don't have to do that again.

Maggie does not like thunder and lightening so she hides or follows me everywhere. Speaking of Maggie, she has realized her full potential as a terrier. You see, this part of Colorado has the cutest little wild bunny rabbits. They are everywhere! Running up and down the street, sitting in the grass, and burrowing under the houses. Cute, yes, but to Maggie, aka Big Game Hunter, they are the enemy! Our back yard is very large and she is constantly running full speed ahead looking for them. If she sees one, she chases it all over. The other day my husband said, "What does Maggie have in her mouth?" I went running to the back yard because I had this sinking feeling. Sadly, she had caught one. It's little paws were hanging out of her mouth! She was so proud of herself. Hopefully, they will get the picture to stay out of our yard.

It took over three weeks to get our internet hooked up and we still don't have wireless. I'm using my husband's computer now but when I can use mine, I'll be able to post pictures.

Today hubs and I are taking the day off and going to have lunch at a restaurant we discovered and then to our first visit to IKEA. This should be fun!!!

Happy to be back blogging!!!!! Toodles!!