Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From Miss Jean, Sweetie, Maggie and Mollie

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow Story

We had snow last Thursday.  One day of beautiful snow.  The problem this time is that the temperatures dropped so drastically and everything turned to ice.  It looked so peaceful and innocent but underneath the snow on the roads was another story all together.  I wasn't truly aware of the ice problem and I thought on Friday that I would run to the library to return The Bletchley Circle dvd and pick up the latest copy of Midsomer Murders.  Hubs and I are great British television fans and our local library is awesome and has quite a wonderful selection.  I can reserve a book or dvd online and when it's in I go pick it up.  They have self checkout so I'm in and out in less than 5 minutes.

So off I go and it wasn't long before I realized that it wasn't one of my most brilliant ideas.   A six mile round trip on solid ice.  Me with no snow tires or front wheel drive.  It was too late to turn around by the time I realized my mistake so I trudged along.  The great thing about it is that everyone just took it slow.  Like 20 miles per hour slow.  I did have to coast through one stop sign as the car just didn't want to stop.

I made it home just fine!  Whew.  I swore off going anywhere until May!!!!!  Now, did I ever mention our driveway?  It's slanted.  A lot!! I had shoveled the walkway up to the house and the sidewalk but not the driveway.  I started to but a.) I was tired, and b.) I started to slip and slide.  That should have been my first clue not to go out.  When I got back I couldn't get the car up the drive.  Back and forth I went and each time I went a little further but not enough to get into the garage.  Right about then the neighbors parents came by.  The Dad got out and said he'd push while I tried it again.  Oh, Lord, I though sure I would run over him.  I got a little way but the car stopped and I slammed on the brakes.  Then he got the snow shovel and cleared the driveway and I gunned it.  "Please, oh, please, don't let me crash into the house!"  Success!!!!!!  I woke up the next day and the driveway was all clear.  Unbeknownst to be, my other neighbors had come out after work on Friday and shoveled the drive and sprinkled ice melt "stuff" on it.  (The same neighbors who cleaned my gutters!  Aren't I fortunate!?)

It's Sunday and I haven't ventured out since.  The roads are clear, albeit it's freezing out, so I think I may go out today.  If for no other reason than to get some more of "stuff" you sprinkle around to make the snow melt.  I did learn some things:

1.  If you think you need to go out in bad weather, rethink it.
2.  If you have to do something, be brave and do it.  You just might surprise yourself.
3.  There are so many nice people out there who are willing to help when you need it.  I preface that with don't ask for help until you have tried to help yourself and you just can't do it alone.
4.  Pass it on.  I can't shovel snow or clean gutters but I can rake the neighbors leaves and bake cookies.

Hubs and I are going to have a quiet Thanksgiving just the two of us this year.  We had an invitation from some friends who live about three hours from here.  We spent Christmas with them last year and took Maggie with us.   We had a wonderful time and stayed a few days.  However, with getting little Mollie and her being still a little skittish, we thought it best to stay home.  I haven't decided whether to go ahead and cook a big meal or go out.  Maybe we'll take in a movie - or watch some more Midsomer Murders.

What do you do when it's just you for a holiday?  Give me some more ideas.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a peaceful Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 18, 2013


Winter is still a month away which means it's fall - as in FALLING LEAVES!

We have three willow trees on our property.  One in the front and two in the back.  I'm not sure what type of willow they are, they are not the weeping type, just the messy, dropping leaves and branches type.  Huge branches drop all the time, especially from the one on the side yard.  It's usually not the dead branches (there are many of those) but live green ones.  I know if we have had any sort of wind, I need to go pick them up.  I do not recommend this tree at all!  They are not pretty like the weeping willow.  They have no redeeming qualities, just too many falling leaves, surface roots and a tendency for the branches to break and fall.  I supposed I could have them taken out but they are so large the cost would be prohibitive.  I've already apologized to the new neighbors about the messy tree next to our common fence.  It was hear before I got here and there's nothing I can do.

 My neighbor cleaned out my gutters (God Bless Him!) and I know they are full again.  He said he'd come back in a couple weeks and do it again.  For some reason he doesn't want me standing on the very top of our ladder to do it myself!

November is supposed to be one of the snowiest months here.  We've only had about a half day so far.  I have to get all the leaves up off the yard before it does rain or snow so it doesn't smother the grass.  Yesterday I blew and raked the front yard.  We live on the end of a court with a third acre lot.  The front yard is really small.  I did our front yard and the tiny side yard of our neighbor (the least I could do) and the combined tiny side yard on the other side.  SIX GARBAGE CANS OF LEAVES PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Today I'm starting on the back.  Wish me luck!  

Now for a reality check.  It's a beautiful, warm and sunny day and it will be lovely outside.  My prayers go out to all those in the midwest affected by the tornadoes.  I'm from Michigan and I don't remember tornadoes in November.

I hope you all have a great and safe week ahead!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Haiti Sew

I'm a quilter, not a seamstress and garment sewer.  I did sew some easy little jumpers for my daughter, Dory, when she was little but stopped when they would have needed more intricate sewing skills.  I was fortunate to be able to be introduced to some great ladies here who volunteer their time, efforts, skills and materials to make dresses, bags and shorts to send to Haiti.  I figured I could help, even if it was just ironing or pinning.  I wanted to be involved.  There is such a desperate need for these things there along with food and shoes.  I'm not sure how long this particular group has been doing this but I know they have made a huge impact with the town and church they work with in Haiti.

 We usually meet twice a month to sew.  This past Tuesday an extra effort was made so they could make lots of dresses all at once.  There were over 40 volunteers all working assembly line to get the job done.  A lady from Texas drove all the way here to Colorado with fabric that had been donated.  Some were cutting, inserting elastic, adding binding, hemming, ironing or putting on pockets.

There are going to be a lot of happy little girls the next time the dresses are delivered.  Aren't they pretty?  I don't know any little girl anywhere who wouldn't just love having one.  I'm not sure how many they were able to finish but there is a goal of 100+ (or more) by February.

This is what it's all about!  This is one of the little girls who got a dress last year.  Is she adorable or what?  Take a minute - how long would it take for you to make something easy that would help someone so tremendously?  Some of these little ones have nothing, including clothes.  No one deserves that.

You don't have to find a group just like ours.  There are all sorts of charity and volunteer opportunities out there.  It may be helping out at the senior home in your town, rescuing a dog, donating blood, serving meals to the homeless during the holidays, donating food, donating blankets to a homeless shelter,  reading to a child.  Sometimes looking outside ourselves makes us feel so much better inside.

There is no way I can say "thank you" and "job well done" to all the ladies at the Haiti sew.  I will say a big THANK YOU and GOD BLESS  to Barbara.  She has a servants heart and more energy than anyone I have met!!!

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day, Aaron!

Happy Veterans Day to our son, Aaron!

We are bursting with pride in all you have accomplished in your life.  Though you have done so much serving your country, you are always, always, humble in the fact that you are just doing your job.  We are relieved that you are back on home soil but know that if asked, you would go wherever you are sent.

Next year as you retire after 23 years in the Navy, may you find as much happiness in civilian life as you have in the military!

Mom and Dad

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Friday

More gratuitous pictures of the dogs!  I hate to even call them dogs, really they are little furry people that rule live in our home.

This is one of Maggie's favorite places to sit.  She can look out the windows and make sure everything is right with the world.  When Mollie jumped up, she didn't quite know what to think. (Sorry for the glare.)

This is Maggie and we just love her to pieces!

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille."

You'll have to enlarge the pictures to really see Mollie's cute little face!

The girls and I hope you have a fun weekend.  I'm off to a Christmas Bazaar and a favorite restaurant.  Then hopefully, I can get some sewing done.  I need to do some housework and mop floors.  I can already see the difference in having two dogs rather than one.  Worth it?  You bet!