Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day

Just how am I supposed to get anything done when I can sit and look out at this?

And this? 

(sorry for the poor quality of pictures - they are from my phone)

It's just not going to be my fault if nothing gets done today.......

Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Angels

Firsts are always difficult when you are in new situations especially when you have moved far away from familiar things like family, friends, restaurants (tee hee), etc.!  Yesterday was my first birthday since we have moved so it was rather bittersweet.  Not because I am getting older, just that it made me miss everyone.  I never celebrate my birthday, so I went to a Sunday sew  at a friend's like I had planned.  I knew some of the gals there and was able to meet some others.  All in all a great group and we had a wonderful time sewing, chatting, and eating a wonderful potluck. 

One of the ladies brought her darling little granddaughters who are learning to sew.  For privacy sake, I'm calling them the little Sparkly Girls!  They were so sweet, so serious, and such good little sewers.  When her machine thread broke the youngest one would say, "I'm so good, that's why it broke!"

Aren't they the cutest?  Sparkly Girl #2 is making a doll quilt and her big sister made a notions holder that fits over a clear frame and stands next to your machine to hold all of your notions.  I just loved it and casually mentioned that I wanted one.  She went back and whispered to Grandma, "Can I make that  lady one?"   So she got busy and made one for me.  She seemed to be happy when I told her it was my birthday and was a wonderful birthday present.  Grandma and I were moved to tears.

 Here's the front.  She did everything on her own, cutting with a rotary cutter, quilting, everything.

Here's the back.  This is really a useful and awesome little holder.  I'll use it every time I sew and thank God for sending me Sparkly Birthday Angels!

Have a great week!