Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nap Time at the Zoo

I can't believe that we have had Alllie for over a month now!  I can't imagine not having her.  She is doing exceptionally well on housebreaking which is wonderful.  The first time she ran out the pet door by herself to "go" my son and I just looked at each other with our mouths open.  She and Mollie are almost inseparable.  They play, and I mean play hard.  I always worry that Mollie won't realize that Allie is a puppy and doesn't have a Scottie mouth to fight back with.  Maggie is starting to warm up to her - a little.  Most of the time she just follows Mollie and Allie around and growls under her breath.  There have been times, though, when all three are chasing each other and it gets really crazy.  I am hoping that Maggie is playing and not attacking.

Every day around noon the dogs get tired and take naps.  Mollie has her special place on the living room couch where she loves to lay and snooze.  I noticed Allie sitting on the floor today looking forlorn and not knowing quite where to go so I put her on the couch and told her to go to sleep.  To my surprise, that's just what she did!  Don't you just love Allie's leg on Mollie?

Aahh, peace and quiet!  At least for a little while...........

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Visit From Katy

We had a visit today from Katy.  Katydid to be specific.  It's an insect that likes to eat leaves and disguises herself as a leaf.  We had such a bad rainstorm yesterday that I thought it was just a leaf blown onto the house at first.  Nope, it's Katy.  There are certainly a lot of leaves for her noontime meal today that were blown off the tree in the front yard.

This  is a photo I got off the internet as my phone picture didn't do her justice.  This is the first Katydid I have seen in Colorado, let alone anywhere else.

As for an update on our new little Allie:  She is fitting in just splendidly with our family.  Maggie is still a little put off that she's here but that's alright because Mollie and she has become great friends. They play and wrestle all day long.  In the evening when she gets sleepy I can hold her and she sleeps on her back.  I'll have to have my son take a picture because she flails her arms out in the oddest position.

It was 37 degrees out this morning when I got up and some of the dog toys out in the back yard were frozen.  We're due for a warm up, but fall is certainly here and that means winter can't be far behind.  This is my favorite time of the year - sweatshirt weather with a dash of hot cider thrown in for comfort!

Have a wonderful day and keep an eye out for more of Katy's family!