Monday, January 30, 2012


"Mommy, I'm being a big girl and doing my chores without you even asking! Do you need anything else done?"

"Can I have my allowance now?"

*No animals were harmed in the making of this post!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday To Maggie!

Oh, boy! I'm such a bad Scottie Mommy! This past Friday, January 20th was Maggie's 4th birthday and I totally forgot!!!! Bad Mommy!!!

I know I have posted this picture before but it's my favorite picture of Maggie. It's taken at the Painted Dessert while we were on vacation.

It's hard to believe that she is four years old already. It seems like just yesterday we got the call from a friend who said, "just come and look at her!" "She is sooooo sweet!" The rest is Scottie puppy history. We've had our ups and downs with her. She was quite the head strong destructive puppy. Our previous Scottie didn't do half the things Maggie did. But you know, that's what makes Maggie Maggie. She still acts like a puppy, playing with her toys ,chasing birds and guarding the house. Every evening, though, she settles down and while I watch television in bed she curls up at the end of the bed and waits patiently 'till I turn out the lights. Then it's Scottie snuggle, cuddle time!

Most every one who meets her falls in love with her. It makes me feel good to know that at the groomers she gets such wonderful care. I was watching the Dog Whisperer the other night and I couldn't help but think what a great trainer Caesar is. However, I do think he would have a few issues with Maggie. She barks, she jumps on people, she doesn't usually come when you call her. I guess I'll solve that problem by never having Caesar over!!!

Happy Birthday, Miss Maggie!!!! We love you so much!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here in the central valley of California we don't get rain in the summer so the farmers have to either irrigate or use sprinklers. We've had virtually no rain this winter so the local farmers turned on the sprinklers the other morning. It was either for that or they did it because of the hard freeze we were expecting. Either way, the results were beautiful. This is what we woke up to down at the end of my street.

This may be no big deal for you all back in the mid-west and east coast, but to me it was just awesome. I've only seen this one other time in all the years I've lived here.

Thankfully, we're getting some rain out there tonight and have storms lined up for the next week. This is great news, especially for Reno, Nevada which has a huge fire threatening homes right now.

With the rains coming I think it will be the perfect time to stay indoors, drink hot cider, read some and get ready for quilt retreat which is coming up next month.

Take care....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sans Photos

I drove up the freeway about an hour yesterday to go out to lunch with my two sisters, my niece and my niece's daughter (I'd say great niece but that makes me sound really old! LOL!). We live just enough apart that we attempt to meet for lunch mid way to keep in touch. Mom was feeling under the weather so she stayed home and I drove alone. It was sunny and with the radio to keep me company it was a pleasant drive.

I promise I had my camera, all charged and ready to go. In the bottom of my purse. Left and forgotten! Bad blogger, bad! Lunch was great and the company even better. Lots of laughing and sharing. We definitely need to do this more.

Afterwards we all went on our separate ways and I took the opportunity to hit a couple quilt shops I've been wanting to visit. With the price of gasoline at what it is I try to make my trips worth while. I don't hop in the car and just run off as much as I used to.

Anyway, visiting the quilt shops was fun but interesting as well. The only purchase I made was a package of Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers. I had seen them on a blog and thought I would give them a try. Hop over and read what they are for.

Back to the shops....At the first shop, where I made my purchase, I was greeted with a hello when I came in the door. After that "you're on your own!" I felt like I was intruding at someone else's party. There were lots of ladies in the shop who obviously all knew each other and the sales people and they were laughing and having a grand old time. "Hello! Is anybody back there?" At the second shop I didn't even get a hello. This shop recently changed owners who obviously didn't get the training memo on customer service.

Gosh, I wish sometimes I could open my own quilt shop (In the Garden With Miss Jean's Quilt Shop-may I help you?") I would clone some of the awesome quilt shops I've been to in my travels - California, Oregon, Washington,Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Alabama, to name a few - and make ALL of my customers feel welcome and special. In this economy it's the only way to stay in business.

Quilters: tell me about your experiences good and bad. What do you do when you experience bad service? I've been known to email the owner when it was really bad. Sound severe? She was really glad I did as she didn't know what was going on.

Football is on so I'm going to go make myself scarce. Denver lost yesterday and I just can't watch another game. *Disclaimer-I don't "like" football, but it was Denver and Tebow and you know....."

Have a restful Sunday and a wonderful week.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just Humming Along in 2012

Well, folks, how is 2012 treating you? So far so good? I've tried to keep busy today because I have heard that what you do on January 1st is what you do the entire year. So...... busy, busy, busy! I don't make resolutions other than resisting the urge to sky dive! I usually give that up for Lent as well and I'm not even Catholic! Just covering all the bases LOL! Seriously, I do try to think about what I would like to accomplish, things like getting organized, losing weight and quilting and gardening more.

This is a picture of a type of hummingbird we have here in California. I've not had much luck with hummingbird feeders but they love my flowers and are often seen in the back feasting on the fuchsias. An article I found said they can be found mostly during the warm seasons of spring and summer. Well, someone forgot to tell my little friend!

I can't remember if I have shown you picture of the hedge that goes up to my front door. I just love it! It's a Camellia Sasanqua called Apple Blossom and it starts to bloom in the winter near Christmas. Your garden variety camellias need shade but the sasanquas can take the sun so it was the perfect choice for some winter color. When nothing much else is blooming it puts out a riot of pink and white flowers that can be seen from down the street and a dusting of petals up to the front door. It has attracted a little hummingbird who has taken up residence amongst the branches and has been living there since summer.

In fact, when I went out this morning to get the Sunday paper it really startled me. It sleeps amongst the branches near the front and when I walk by it is jumps up and rushes off making the loudest little funny motor boat engine sound. Scared the be-jabbers out of me. I have tried to look to see if I can see a nest but so far haven't been able to see where she sleeps.

I've decided not to trim the hedge after the camellia finishes blooming like I usually do. I'm not sure when hummingbirds lay eggs and I would hate to harm any babies. I'll have to let the gardener know as well. So scraggly camellias it is! Worth it in my book.

So what are your plans for the new year? Do you make resolutions? Are you going to create a "bucket list" of goals or try to change a habit? Whatever it is I hope you are successful. One thing for sure I'm going to do is keep an eye out for my little friend.