Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mail Man

I've been wanting to share with you a picture of our local "Mail Man" for quite some time. I finally stopped and took a picture today. Isn't he just the cutest?

Do any of you have unique mail boxes where you live?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck of the Irish!

I'm really excited and humbled to have won not one but three giveaways recently! How cool is that?

First off I entered a contest over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure to name the quilt she just finished. Kim is one amazing quilter and always, always puts her creative spin on whatever she is working on. She was making the pattern, Rabbits Prefer Chocolate, but changed it up to where the rabbits were traveling around instead of the original Easter candy theme. I submitted my idea for the new name and I won!!!! You can read about it here. You can't imagine how excited I was!!!!! Just ask my family.....

The prize was two Redwork Renaissance charm packs and as you can see, Kim sent background yardage as well. How sweet was that?

The next prize was from Thelma over at Cupcakes and Daisies. Thelma is one creative and prolific quilter. Go check out her blog and her list of lifetime quilts. Amazing. She knows Carrie Nelson over at Miss Rosie's and thought, rightly so, that her Schnibbles pattern, Bibelot, should be named "T is for Thelma"

Carrie heard about it and sent Thelma a pattern with the name "fixed". She also sent extra for Thelma to give away. I tell you, I love quilters. They are so generous.

I was one of the fortunate winners!!!! So guess what I'm going to do? Put on your thinking caps........ I'm going to make T is for Thelma out of Redwork Renaissance!!!! How cool is that? My way of paying homage to two very wonderful quilting blog friends.

I mentioned three giveaways. I also entered a giveaway over at Susan Wigg's blog, A View From Here. Susan is one of my very favorite authors. Her books are wonderful. She lives up in Washington and has the most awe inspiring views of our Navy ships going out to sea from her yard. Spectactular!!! We had to guess what something was and I won (with a little help from my Naval Officer son!). Susan is sending me (Susan herself!!!! Little star struck here!!!!!) one of her books. I can't wait to get it and see what it is.

Thank you so much again to Kim, Carrie, Thelma and Susan!!!!!!!! You gals rock!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just Peachy!

I know that I have shared with you all pictures of the almond trees in our area. They never cease to amaze me with their beauty. It occurred to me that I haven't show you pictures of some of the other orchards in our area.
I stopped and took these pictures the other day on my way into Modesto.

No, they are not pink almond blossoms. They are peach blossoms!

Acres and acres of pink!!

Just beautiful!

They look like rows and rows of pink tutus!

Later on the blossoms will fall. In their place will be huge, juicy peaches! Millions of them!!! This summer they will be harvested and taken to the local canneries, one of which is very close to where I live. On a hot summer day you can smell the peaches being canned. Heavenly!!! There are also orchards of apricots and cherries that will be blooming soon.

Highway 120 comes through town and goes on up into the mountains. That's one of the ways you can get to Yosemite National Park which is about a two hour drive from here. All along the highway are produce stands where the campers and tourists can stop and get fresh local produce to take with them on their journey. Along with almonds, peaches, apricots, and cherries, you can purchase tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, etc., depending on what month it is. You can even stop and get fresh cheese and homemade pies. All available to make your picnic just perfect.

How cool is that?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Camellia Time

It's Camellia time in the valley! They are right up there next to lilacs as my favorite flowers. This red beauty is Yuletide and starts blooming around Christmas time. It's a winter blooming Sasanqua camelia which I've mentioned before here.

I have them all over the garden, in every nook and cranny and even in pots.

There are many Camellia shows going on now, including the Modesto Camellia Show at the E & J Gallo Winery Administration Building next weekend. Check you local papers to see if you have one in your area and plan on visiting. You won't be disappointed.

Have a wonderful weekend!! Looks like we are in for some rain so YAY for us!!!